My name is Gerald Sutek.  My partner Brent Logan and I began an Independent Baptist Church in the early months of 2005. We live in Romania permanently. We are not part of the Baptist Union, thus Independent.  We believe the same things as listed on this website under “Doctrinal Statement.”  We believe in doing a lot of evangelism in the publick.  We are on the streets of Brasov at least twice a week.  We do a lot of work in the neighboring villages like Araci, Tarlungeni, Harmon, and Racos.  Our goal is to have anyone who is interested to come to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and to have a place they can feel comfortable growing in the things of the Lord.   We teach and preach verse by verse through the King James Bible or the closest equivalent in the Romanian language. Our services are in both English and Romanian.  We have a lively song service, special times for children, opportunities for all to help serve the Lord and good preaching and teaching from the Bible.  We oppose any Charismatic, unbiblical gifts.  We oppose church tradition when it contradicts the Word of God.  We oppose any union with any other group who do not share the same convictions as are stated above.  We would love to have anyone come and visit without any obligation.  We have in our congregation Americans, Romanians, Hungarians, Gypsies, and we are open to all other varieties of human beings who are interested in the God of the Bible and the Bible of God.   If you would like to contact us in Brasov, Romania call 268-477-243 in Romania for information on how to get to the church. 

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