S.W.A.T. Team report from Eastern Europe

  Date   Report
August 14, 2011 SWAT REPORT #164
Minstry Fulfilled
July 27, 2011 SWAT REPORT #163
School of Biblical Ministry
July 15, 2011 SWAT REPORT #162
Beside Those Things....
June 21, 2011 SWAT REPORT #161
What Happens Inside You?....
June 15, 2011 SWAT REOPRT #160
May 30, 2011 SWAT REPORT # 159
Survey the Philippines
May 5, 2011 SWAT REPORT # 157
The Father's Business
April, 8, 2011 SWAT REPORT # 156
Report from Slovenia
March 12, 2011 SWAT REPORT # 155
The Ministry
Most Exciting Testimony
Gifts For Filipino Pastors
Good Reference Books
Time To Make Plans
Memphis Beale Street Blitz
March 2, 2011 SWAT RERPOT # 154
Waitng For Spring
February 22, 2011 SWAT REPORT # 153
Great Door Opened
Our Family Will Take A Brief Furlough
More Immediate
February 2011 SWAT REPORT #152
Back in Romania
January 2011 SWAT REPORT #151
Return to the Philippines
November 16, 2010 SWAT REPORT # 150
Ordination Service
Preaching The Gospel In The Philippines
November 5, 2010 SWAT REPORT # 149
Romanian Church Missions Conference
Tickets Bought…Please Pray
New Books…
October 10, 2010 SWAT REPORT #148
What exactly happened in the Philippines sixteen years ago
September 25, 2010 SWAT REPORT #147 (new PDF format)
Worldly Celebrations
Eternal Celebrations
Reading The Bible Too Loudly
August 31, 2010 SWAT REPORT # 146
Same Ole Thing
Now For A Wonderful Story Of Fruit.
Add To This Fruit Another Mini-Harvest
August 24, 2010 SWAT REPORT # 145
Bro. Veach is proclaiming his testimony to his generation.
Adam Zander prints one tract
"Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow?"
August 11, 2010 SWAT REPORT # 144
Russian Youth Camp
July 19, 2010 SWAT REPORT # 143
Times Of Refreshing
Great Lord's Day
Right Out The Back Door
Spiritual Home
Important Note
June 20, 2010 SWAT REPORT # 142
Highways And Hedges
House To House
Prison Fruit
New Addition
May 18, 2010 SWAT REPORT # 141
Swat Team Is Back On The Air
Prison Ministry (The Final Harvest Field)
Shepherds Watching Their Flocks
Our Children's Home Ministry
Visitors From Holland
March 24, 2010 SWAT REPORT # 140
Hovel Of Hovels
Opened It Up For Testimonies.
Finally, Finally, Finally
March 17, 2010 SWAT REPORT # 139
Pray… Crime May Yet Pay
This Would Never Happen In America
Warm Tracts In Cold Hands
February 19, 2010 SWAT REPORT # 138
Home Again…Home Again…Jiggedy Jig
January 5, 2010 SWAT REPORT # 137
Crowning The Year
What A Wonderful Crowning Of The Year…
This Is A Joke…You Can Laugh!
December 14, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 136
New Opportunities
Good Duty
Class Of 2009
Our Latest Ministry Video
December 7, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 135
Another Bull's-Eye
Please Pray For Loraina
Thanksgiving Holiday In France.
Better House For Less Rent
Vonage Phone Info… Be Sure And Keep This Info
October 27, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 134
The Great Commission
Meeting In Sinpetru
Into All The World
Coliseum In Rome
Major Street In Palermo, Sicily
Home Always Seems Sweeter After A Long Journey…
View Our Ministry's Latest Video Presentation
September 24, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 133
Preferring One Another… Love One Another
August 25, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 132
The Generation Gap
On To The Camp In Ukraine
August 3, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 131
About 60 Yards From My Front Gate Is An Apartment Used By The Mormon Church
Please Please Please Pray For Our Visas.
July, 6, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 129
O Woe Is Me…Join My Pity Party!!!
Our Church Building Is Really Beginning To Look Inviting.
June 16, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 128
A Testimony Against Them
Little 11 Year Old Girl In Our Church Family
Tracts Are Not Obsolete
Keeping The Cops From Being Bored On The Eastern Front
June 6, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 127
Do You Know What A Scythian Is?????
A Monument To Anti-Stalin
May  25, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 126
The Good Lord Really Did Something In Genesis 11
Wordless Banner
In Germany
March 25, 2009

Springtime Always Stirs And Directs My Thoughts
Faithful Through This Long Winter
Poem With Photos
Cornel And Mari’s New Baby

March 8, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 124
My Daughter Mary Bethany Is 15 Years Old…
Story Is In Mary's Narrative
February 23, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 123
"The Ministry" Involves A Lot More Than Preaching And Holding Grandma's Hand
We Must Get This Sign Up There
Actually, We Have Held Our Own Through This Winter…
These Are Freeze Dried Clothes
February 12, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 122
New Ministry In Intorsura Buzaului
Our Very Active And Faithful Young People
January 27, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 121
Still Rough On The Outside
A Lot Of Evangelism Going On
January 12, 2009 SWAT REPORT # 120
Global Freezing
Guess Who Came To Church Yesterday
December 29 2008 SWAT REPORT #119
Brand New Baby.
We Did Some Caroling In The Gypsy Section Of The Village
December 8, 2008 SWAT REPORT # 118
In The Original Hebrew That Word Build Can Also Mean Remodel
Ok…Enough Ugly…
Handiwork Or Our Creator And Saviour.
November 17, 2008 SWAT REPORT # 117
He Did It…Yes He Did…No One Else Could…So He Did It
November 11, 2008 SWAT REPORT #116
Meanwhile Back Home
I Returned Home To The Good-Ole USA
Singing "How Great Thou Art"
Pastor Hank Thompson And His Wife Mona
Beneath My Old Banner On The Campus Of Univ. At Austni
September 30, 2008 SWAT REPORT #115
A Technilogical Once-In-Life Experience
We Are In Glory Ministering In A Small Gypsy Community
20th Wedding Anniversary
September 19, 2008 SWAT REPORT # 114
The Line Is Moving East Awfully Fast
We Have Ministered In Romania Now For Four Years.
We Have Not And Will Not Change Our Message.
The Good Lord Is Definitely At Work In Providing Us Property
September 8, 2008 SWAT REPORT # 113
I Preached Today Where Paul Preached
I Prayed Today Where Paul Prayed
A Word Of Admonition With No Whining
A Bountiful Harvest
August 25, 2008 SWAT REPORT #112
All the college students and YOUNG people wanted…
We also had plenty of good ole fun.
The combination of fun and heavy duty spiritual seriousness
We only had one injury…
August 10, 2008 SWAT REPORT # 111
Faithful In Good Times And Bad
Buried And Risen With Him
Three Teens Tract
Camp-Rappelling, Germany-Holland, Friends, The Hiding Place
The Hiding Place
Good Friends
July 10, 2008 SWAT REPORT # 110
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
World's Youngest Publick Minister
Publick Ministry In A Small Community
June 21, 2008 SWAT REPORT # 109
The Printed Word
Just A Thought…
Who Says We Don't Serve On A Dangerous Mission Field?
June 9, 2008 SWAT REPORT # 108
Begging Bread
Transylvania University Is In Our Town
All In All, We Had A Great Week Of Ministry
June 2, 2008 SWAT REPORT # 107
A Special Evangelistic Day In Racos
May 20, 2008 SWAT REPORT #106
Clandestine Ministries
Complaint That Came In To Me This Morning Via Email
Video Of Our Street Meeting In Brasov
April 15, 2008 SWAT REPORT 105
Into The Ministry
Our Folk Are Growing In The Ministry
March 18, 2008 SWAT REPORT 104
Light Makes All The Difference
What A Grand And Wonderful Lord's Day
Some Common Sights
The Bible Institute Is Really Picking Up
Johnny And Adrian Invited Us
March 8, 2008 SWAT REPORT #103
"…Such A Time As This?"
Lights! Camera! Action!
Jeremiah Days
What Do You See Through Your Hole In His-Story
February 19, 2008 SWAT REPORT # 102
What's Happening In Brasov
What's Happening In Budila
What's Happening In Racos
January 1, 2008 SWAT REPORT # 101
A Time Of Feasting
KP Cleanup Duty
December 17, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 100
Treasures Of The Snow????
Little Sergio Is All Wore
Out Our Church Kids
Fresh Snow…
December 4, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 99
The Blessing Of Children
Ministered To 21 Children
Why Should I Trust The Scientist??
November 28, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 98
The Music In Our Church Is Very Good
The Harvest Being Gathered In
The Zander De-Struction Crew
November 12, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 97
Located In The Uttermost Part Of The World
Gypsy Kids From Harmon
College Students From Transylvania U
OH No...Not Another Fanatic.
October 29, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 96
Preaching To Nobody
The Children Sing Before The Others During SS
"Moon Over Budila"
October 22, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 95
Illustrated Object Lessons
Sports In The Bible
Do They Read Them...Oh My Yes
Hard To Remember
A Different View Of The Cross
October 11, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 94
All The Pizza You Can Eat For Maybe Only Once In Your Life.
Pray For Nicu
Ladies... Looking For A New Skirt Material
Meanwhile Back In Austin, Tx. Our Home Church Is Hard At The Publick
October 1, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 93
Funeral Of Mr. Everybody Knows
Baby Boom The Whole Body
Look Everybody….We're Married
Lasting Fruit From Ministerial Longevity
It's Been Thirteen Years You Came To Our Country
September 25, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 92
Evangelism Yields Fruit In Gypsy Kids
"Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness"
Finally, I Had The Opportunity To Preach In A Fancy Lutheran Church
September 14, 2007 SWAT REPORT #91
Ministers At The Regular Hospice Service
Sergiu Ministers In Budila At The Weekly Bible Study
Racos Is Getting Established With The Help Of The Zander Family.
August 13, 2007

First Sunday In Our New Building
Budila Bible Study Continues Faithfully
Racos Continues To Grow

August 3, 2007 SWAT REPORT #89
The Church In Thy House
"There's A New Name Written Down In Glory…And It's Cataleen."
Beautiful Brasov
July 19, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 88
Convincing The Gainsayers (Better Known As Jw's)
We Greeted Them With "The Truth"
The Ministry Is Going Well
For The First Time In Three Years We Have Emptied The Barrel Of Chick Tracts
July 7, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 87
Just A Brief Report
Something For Free
June 27, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 86
Why Did Jesus Come…
Why Did He Leave Us Here
The Village Of Cuciulata…
Another Street Preacher
Publishing The Word Of God
A Sight For Sore Eyes
June 18, 2007 SWAT REPORT #85
Cumbered By That Good Part
Is Graduating From Our Bible Institute
Cornel Is Preaching On The Streets Of Our City Brasov…
"Down By The River Side"
I Have Just Finished A New Book On The Subject Of "The Ministry."
May 21, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 84
Chuck's Cheep Gypsie Jeep
A New Street Preacher Is Born
May 1, 2007 SWAT REPORT #83
Our Ministry Reflected
European Union Has A Lot Of Work To Do
Victory Is Sweet
Ready To Deliver
Spring Has Sprung
April 12, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 82
The dark shadow of left-over communism here in Romania.
European Union and all of its financial hopes
April 3, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 81
Some Wise Preacher Said One Time...
My Choice Is A Ministry Trip…
Many Of You Will Remember David Laverty
March 10, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 80
The Slimiest Tool Of The Devil
"I Will Be Rich"
Rapid "Wealth" Spoils Any Appetite For Spiritual Things
Rapid "Wealth" Robs Of Character
Rapid "Wealth" Teases A False Security
Tis The Season……………..To Preach
February 26, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 79
How To Ruin Your Ministry …And Justify It
The Love Of Money
Unwillingness To Submit To The Local Church
Lust Of The Flesh.
Loving The Preeminence
Gahazi Syndrome
Coming Soon
February 12, 2007 SWAT REPORT #78
If Every Man Would Preach Every Man Would Hear
An Essay On "The Call To Preach"
January 30, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 77
Sowing The Seed
January 17, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 76
Two Seasons In Racos…….Dust And Mud
I Am Standing On Some Firm Ground
The Ministry Is Healthy And Growing.
January 6, 2007 SWAT REPORT # 75
Tis A Great VerseTo Preach This Time Of The Year…
We Had Lots Of Help On This Street Meeting
The Scenery Is Breathtaking
December 26, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 74
This Year We Sang The Great Hymns Of The Faith
Chuck Zander Takes Full Advantage Of The Crowd
The Joy Was So Evident This Year
December 18, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 73
Sheep Market In One Of The Villages
What A Help The Zander Family Have Been Already.
December 14, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 72
My Favorite Street Sermon
I Am Always Reminded Of A Ppublick Ministry Incident About 17 Years Ago
November 28, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 71
Get Your Own Symbol…Don't Steal Or Pervert The Lord's
Some 14 Years Ago
The Break From Our Ministry Here Was Refreshing
November 6, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 70
The Sword Has Come, The Dividing Has Begun
A Bag-Leaf Man…
A Gathering Of Our College And Career Group In Our Living Room…
One Million Lei Bill…
October 23, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 69
It Just All Seemed So Strange
Then…All Of A Sudden…
October 16, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 68
Victor Got Saved
New Record……….Typical Sunday
October 10, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 67
Street Preaching Testimony
Memory Contest
Sept. 27, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 66
TAKES TIME TO GROW…especially when the ground is poor
Sept. 19, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 65
Budila (Gypsy Village) Bible Study Begins…
New Park With Good Fishing Pond
The First Two Years
Prayer Request
August 31, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 64
Matthew 28:19 …baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
1 Cor. 9:22…I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some
Acts 20:20…and from door to door
Luke 8:45…Master, the multitude throng thee and press thee,
Mark 14:46 And they laid their hands on him, and took him.
Psalm 76:10 Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee:
Mark 14:8 She hath done what she could:
August 10, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 63
Another Fanatic Making His Debute
Racos Is Growing
July 31, 2006 SWAT REPORT #62
Our Manner In Racos
Visitation For Opening Day In Racos
Opening Day For The Church In Racos
Here's The Church And Here's The Steeple
Open The Door And See All The People
July 24, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 61
Pray For Deliverance
Racos Initiation - The Grand Opening
Records Keep Breaking
A Village Wedding
July 10, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 60
The work progresses…
The kids
June 26, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 59
Ahhhh…For The Simple Life
June 20, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 58
What's New???
Exciting News
Progressing News
Traveling News
May 29, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 57
Something Old………… Something New
Police Encounter That Grabs You
May 18, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 56
Spring Time And New Beginnings
Record Attendance
New Folk To Minister To
May 8, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 55
Surrounded By Beauty
Racos Apples Of Gold
Faithul Messengers From Dublin
Ministering In A Spiritual Postcard
Faithful Messengers In Silver Pictures
April 17, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 54
The Lord Is Building His Church
A Boy And His Burrow
Family Report
April 3, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 53
Life In A Dump…A Pine Box…A Fresh Grave…Then Hell
Priority Problems
He's Not Heavy…He's My Brother…
This Little Light Of Mine…I'm Gonna Let It Shine
March 27, 2006 SWAT REPORT #52
Blending Knowledge With Zeal
Racos Village Church
Soon To Be On The Web
March 13, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 51
Deu 6:7 And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children…
1Co 7:31 … for the fashion of this world passeth away. 2Sa 1:18 (Also he bade them teach the children…the use of the bow:
Zec 8:5 And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in the streets…
Act 16:13 And on the Sabbath we went out of the city by a river side, where prayer was wont to be made; …
Dan 4:32 And they shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field: … On Sunday nights we have Bible drill for kids as well as adults.
March 6, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 50
East European Institute Of The Bible Begins
Introducing Some Charter Members Of Our Brasov Church
Peter (The Saint) Is Seen Praying With Holy Hands Lifted
Four Of Our Juvenile Sinner/Saints…
Some Of Our Gypsies Ladies
Fine Young Couple…Ann And Peter
Daniel (Bold As A Lion) Giving His Testimony
February 25, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 49
The Most Phenomenal Publick Ministry Story I Have Ever Read
February 13, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 48
While The World Passes By
Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone…
Two Of My Sweeties
A Church In Racos Bible Institute Soon To Begin
February 6, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 47
Still They Come
Second Coming Of Our Pastor
Rec. Time On The Ice
Our Single Ladies Ensemble
January 27, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 46
Why Not Make It An Even Dozen
A Trip To Germany And Back
Our Thanks To Matthew Morris And Bible Baptist Of Deland
Second Coming Of Brent Logan
January 9, 2006 SWAT REPORT # 45
Anniversary Sunday For Brasov Independent Baptist Church
David's Mighty Men
Winter Is In Full Bloom
December 26, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 44
The Racos Blitz
Daniel Preaches For # 11
December 19, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 43
We Have Some All Weather Worshippers
December 5, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 42
Sights And Smells Of Ministry On The Eastern Front
A Good Rug Is Hard To Beat
Last Week I Was Privileged To Do What I Like To Do Best.
November 28, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 41
Some Times This Works And Some Times It Doesn't
Benaiah In The Quia (Choir)
November 14, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 40
Distractions In The War In Eastern Europe
People Praying When You Ask Them To
Gated Communities
Battered Tracts Boxes (Also Used For Mail)
Caine…Dogs In English
Hide And Seek
October 31, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 39
Memorial To Anticommunism
October 14, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 38
Call The News Media…
What Is Happening In /_Dopka_/ Today???
Meanwhile, Back In Dopka
I Would Like To Reveal In A Few Words All That Street Preaching Means To Me
September 30, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 37
Doing The Work Of An Evangelist
Many Ways To Get Tracts To Folks
September 20, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 36
"In The Regions Beyond You"
What A Blessing!
Sowing The Seed
Bringing In The Sheaves
Tribute To Our Church Folk
September 13, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 35
Service In The Sunshine…On A Hillside
Village Hotshot
Perverted Witness
Much Evangelistic Work This Week Coming
September 1, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 34
We Got The Van…Praise The Lord
Visitation In Eastern Europe
Our First Gypsy Preacher
August 23, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 33
Two Groups
Don't Quit Now It Gets Better !!
I Was Blind But Now I See
August 11, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 32
10,000 Miles From Deland, Florida
To Racos Some Like It Hot….Me
Included Van….Good News
August 2, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 31
Sunday School Day…Hay Day…Wash Day
Sunday School Day (Actually It Was Saturday)
Wash Day In Racos Hay Day In Racos
July 26, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 30
Aftermath Of Last Weeks Riot
Acts 16:31 In Action This Week
How To Make A Hovel A Home…Put Flowers In The Window
July 16, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 29
The Big Meeting
More Exciting Than Beale St !!!!!
The Fight Is On
Help From "Mr. C"
Loyalty From Our Gypsies
July 10, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 28
Alcohol Free Zone ??? in Racos ???
Dinner with the Gypsies
Shall we gather at the river
I discovered Air Conditioning
Mary Bethany
Keep in touch
June 27, 2005 SWAT REPORT #27
June 18, 2005 SWAT REPORT #26
Tracting Down Lost Romanians For The Lord
Changing Fast
New Chick Tract
Tracts Mailed Back
New Names Written Down In Glory
Mailing Address:
June 7, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 25
Whatever Is He Doing…
Bug Off…You Know We Are Ok!!!
Falon Gong
May 24, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 24
Thank God For Children
May 17, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 23
A Picturesque Trip To The Village
We Are Holding Evening Meetings This Week…
May 10, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 22
Meteorological Rain…
Spiritual Sunshine Close Fellowship
May 2, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 21
Welcome Mat
Language Barrier
Nice Place To Visit Wouldn't Want To Live There
Ready When You Are…… Lord!
April 1, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 19
Philadelphia Church Age Revisited
Racos Village
March 22, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 18
Story of a young man
February 28, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 17
Haven't Seen It In America In 36 Years
Gypsy Sunday School
February 14, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 16
If You Like To Talk To Folk About Jesus... This Is The Place
The Lord Has Given Us Two Fine Families
The Church Is Doing Great
February 4, 2005 SWAT REPORT # 15
Strong Men
Our Saints
January 22, 2005 SWAT REPORT #14
Preaching In The Snow
Three Saved
January 9, 2005 SWAT REPORT #13
From Planting To Harvest In 93 Days
Second Andrew.....First Time
December 29, 2004


Holidays In Romania

Lost In The Translation

What’s It Like In Romania???

Attention Ladies

December 19, 2004

An Audience With The Mayor Of Brasov

December 12, 2004 SWAT REPORT # 10
First Romanian Street Preacher (pictures)
Five Year Visa
Language Studies
Books On The Web
Winter Wonderland
Pray That...
Changes... Our Phone Has Changed...Dial O11-40-788-188-368 And We Will Answer.
Pass The Word For Others To Enjoy These Reports Via Email...
We Continue To Have Need Of Nothing But Your Prayer
December 6, 2004


The Tale Of Two Andrews
Police Encounter Of The Second Kind
We Continue To Have Need Of Nothing But Your Prayer
December 3, 2004


Good Job In Romania
Another Good Job In Romania
More Inquirers
Two Bit Heckler
Latest Book
Just Plain Life
November 22, 2004 SWAT REPORT # 7  
Cold Weather…Warm Reception
Many Faceted Ministry
November 12, 2004 SWAT REPORT # 6
"Washing Our Nets"
Our Ship Came In
Van Is Sold...Shopping
The Logins Log In
November 2, 2004 SWAT REPORT # 5  
Van Does Not Qualify
A Romantic Notion Of A Ride Through The Country Side On A Sleeper Train
October 25, 2004 SWAT REPORT # 4  
Secure But Not Yet Settled
Photos Of Ministry
Local Culture
October 18, 2004 SWAT TEAM REPORT # 3 
Under House-Arrest Because Of The NATO
! ! ! T R A C T S ! ! !
My Address Is As Follows:
October 12, 2004 SWAT TEAM REPORT # 2  
Change In Country
Under House Arrest ????
October 9, 2004 SWAT TEAM REPORT # 1 
Home In Romania
Sept. 30, 2004 The SWAT Team left the United States for Romania, via Germany. 
February, 2004 Letter explaining the plan to go to Eastern Europe click here