The Many Aspects of Publick Ministry
"Families, Kids, Teens, and Ladies"

last updated 12/05/06 Young people Family on the Street father and daughter boy getting saved
Montana father and son Hawaiian Teen Montana child Teen's testimony Ladies quoting scripture
Son and Father Scripture Shirts How about that Seed sower Eleven year old girl explains the message Another father and son
Another testimony for Publick Ministry The publick ministry is for everyone... passing out tracts in St. Louis at the Popish visit Another family ministering on the streets Ladies and kids at the 1999 Beale Street Blast
At age 13 Ladies can witness too Exposed to Publick Ministry at a young age.... little publick witness street ministry as a family
18 year old signing the gospel Mother and daughter 2001 Amsterdam Blitz 2001 Street Preachers Convention
Kids at NY City Street Meeting Where do the might men come from?      

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