The Many Aspects of Publick Ministry
"Around the world"

last updated 03/17/10 Street preaching in Nairobi, Kenya On the street in Belarus Fool for Christ Go ye into all the world
Northern Ireland Great was the company of those that published it! publick ministry on Luzon in the Philippines Brent Logan Scenes from New Matina
Preaching on top of the amplyfied jeepney in Davao City Bagio City kids, Philippines Brother Sutek in the Philippines Azore Islands Ismeal Sanchez - Philippines
National pastors in the bush Papua New Guinea Missionary Christ for India On the street in Columbia Preaching on the Bus in Columbia
Street meeting in Kiev, Ukraine Drawing Men to Christ, in Nurnberg Germany Preaching in Moscow, Russia 1995 Easter weekend 1998, Durban, South Africa.. Open Air Preaching in Oaxaca, Mexico
Nurnberg - 1993 Open-Air Campainers Germany - 1993 Publick ministry in Ukraine Strolling, Singing, Preaching - Kiev
Strolling, Singing, Preaching - Slovakia Strolling, Singing, Preaching - Scotland In South Africa Bro. Wolski using banner in Poland Ballymena, Northern Ireland
Korean in Atlanta Ukrainian missionary Preaching in Belfast, Northern Ireland Filipino preachers preaching at the market Filipino Street Preaching Team
In Bagio City, Philippines At a Mexican gas station Rotterdam In Brussels, Euro 2000 Banner in German in Germany
Mexican national The Dutchmen Koreans in L.A. In the Philippines Amsterdam Blitz 2001
Bagio City - Philippines Victoria, British Columbia on the street in Brazil Marx is dead, Christ is Alive A Message for Nanaimo, British Columbia
Brasov, Romania tilley03.jpg (87247 bytes) Romania preaching video clip Baguio City at the Flower Festival  

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