The Many Aspects of Publick Ministry
"Modern day street preaching"

last updated 11/03/04 High School in Midland Texas Brother Eubanks Sandwhich sign Mike Maher - Witnessing...
Memphis in May 1998 Street Preachers' Convention What's your excuse? Cry Aloud From Texas
Sacramento, Ca Group takes over Street meeting in Rochester Winter witness preaching in downtown Honolulu
If any man have an ear, let him hear Fire Hydrant as his Pulpit Host Pastor Beal Street 1998 Don't miss another one!
Witness on the road! In Sacramento David Laverty Street preacher on map of Deland Florida State Capitol, Sacramento, California 5/98
The Zander Family being a publick witness at the Pope's visit Evangelist, in Coma Since Riot Beating, Dies Parade of street preachers Sierra Madre California Street meeting - Deland style
At 84... "Mary Day" Festival Police Encounter SWAT Mobile history Bill Manning - Faithful soldier
Preaching to 200+ sodomites Bear leading a drunk to the Lord Woodstock 1999 Sandwich sign 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta Georgia
"Mayfest" in Tulsa, Oklahoma Atlanta Olympics More olympics #3 More olympics #4 Scenes from the Olympics
Preaching at the Alamo Wes from Texas Cleveland street meeting Independence Hall In the Big Apple
Students from NE Baptist School of Theology Yuba City, California More Preaching in New York City Traverse City, MI - 1990 Tim Costigan in Matapan Square
Smyrna Baptist, in Pensacola FL great truck bumper sticker Police Encounter of a "Hugging Kind" Use your freedom, one day it will cost you... No King but Jesus
Fair weather?  Not here In front of the Mormon Temple, Salt Lake Multi-verse Bible sign Korean Church in L.A. Folk with Cornerstone Ministries
Use your car to witness from China to Sacramento Full time on the streets Scripture in publick In Tulsa Oklahoma
Chicago on the street Street preaching Texans Tract on Wheels Evening Street Meeting in Marysville 4x8 holiday yard sign
holiday yard display that tells the story 2002 Olympic preaching Eternity where? Pagan Pride bumperstickers Rockaway Beach, Oregon
Preaching in Chinatown in San Francisco An eye catching banner New York City Street Meeting SWAT Team Rig madison-1.jpg (77818 bytes)
Sutek and "Preacher Boys" The Salvation Army Mural at University of Texas God's Word baptist church in Ridgefield, Washington Painting the Publick Ministry
To the Fairs and Flea-Markets Zwingel at New York blitz in downtown Charlotte    

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