The Many Aspects of Publick Ministry
"Scenes from the Past"

Last updated 02/25/04 Whitefield rock, October 1740 1958 MacArthur Park Preaching Soap box testimony
Watchman Nee William Taylor William Booth John Wesley George Fox 1624 - 1691
George Whitefield  1714-1770 Charles H. Spurgeon  1834-1892 Pacific Garden Mission, circa 1930 Street preaching in Chicago,  in the 1930's Robert Flockhart (1778-1857)
James Stewart E.  Shelhamer Jacob De Shazer, One of Doolittle's Raiders Harry Monroe - Pacific Garden Mission, Chicago Some fruit of street preaching
Willaim Taylor, as a younger man 1930's in New York City R.A. Torrey Notable Marker Chinatown open-air 1895
Y.M.C.A. Street Preaching in 1870 C. H. Spurgeon 1876 article Daniel Rader in Chicago - 1916 Open air evangelism in Manchester - 1910 Harry Ironside - Street Preacher
The Rescue Boat Sankey & Moody Charles Alexander Street preaching in China - 1870 Obadiah Dugan street preaching from the 'Gospel Wagon'

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