October 4th, 1998
Another opportunity to stand for righteousness...

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CNN Sunday Morning News

Following Steinbeck Across America: New Englanders Share the View

Aired October 4, 1998 - 9:19 a.m. ET

(SINGING: Oh how I love Jesus. Oh how I love Jesus.)

WOODS: Evangelist Jerry Sutek harmonizing with his adopted daughter, Mary Bethany, was someone else at the campsite that intrigued us. Sutek is a self-taught preacher who has been on the road for the past 11 years doing, as he says, the Lord's work.

Steinbeck, keenly interested in probing ethical issues when he came this way, would have loved talking with Mr. Sutek, who has an explanation for the nation's perceived moral failures.

JERRY SUTEK: So there's a questioning of the word of God. And whenever you question the authority of the word of God, the morals are going to tag right along behind it. They're going to degenerate.

I mean, I preach on the street and people don't even, they don't even know what the Ten Commandments are. And then when you tell them, they say, "Oh, yeah. That's archaic. Who wrote that?"

(Of course there was much more that was filmed, but this is all that aired...)