Help for the Publick Minister
Articles will be added here as available, last update: 03/08/09
Our ministry is to be an encouragement to anyone that is interested in Publick Ministry. 
Please feel free to contact Brother Sutek for personal advice
or to present Publick Ministry in your church. Contact us

An Accordian can be a great help on the Street, click for free 15 minute accordian lesson new.gif (1111 bytes)

The Open-Air Mission 1853-2003, a brief history of the Open-Air mission in London

How to get a Banner and Banner Hardware, click link for information from Bro. Ken Lansing

Victory before the City Council Read full report on God's victory in DeLand, Florida

RealAudio of witnessing on the Street  Hear experienced publick minister, Ken Lansing, witness on the street in Memphis, Tennessee

Books to aid the Publick Minister Books authored by Gerald Sutek on the subject of Publick Ministry.  Great sources for instruction and encouragement

Why I Preach on the Streets, a tract by J. Melton, a pastor that believes in preaching the gospel on the street

Lessons on Street Preaching #1, The Doctrine of Street Preaching

Lessons on Street Preaching #2, A History of Street Preaching

Lessons on Street Preaching #3, Street Preaching Principles

Lessons on Street Preaching #4, Practical Street Preaching Principles

Lessons on Street Preaching #5, 27 Years Street Preaching Experience

Street Preachers' Manual, A basic all around treatment on the topic, a valuable resource for all who seek to be an effective publick witness

A letter from CLA This letter not only successfully stopped police interference, but also got an apology from a police sergeant.  It contains practical guidelines for street preachers as well as a list of key legal cases

Introduction to Street Preaching An article from the Street Preacher's Page of Westside Baptist Church, written by a Pastor that preaches on the street

What's your excuse?   Anyone can be a publick witness, these pictures testify to that

Street Preaching This article was published in 1867 and is very fitting for our day and age. Extremely interesting! By William Taylor

Objections to Street Preaching considered By William Taylor

Open-Air Preaching: A sketch of its history and remarks thereon.  This article was written by Charles H. Spurgeon

Definite directions for Open-Air Preaching Written by Gawin Kirkham, Secretary of the Open-Air Mission of London, England, in 1890

U.S. Supreme Court Rulings on street preaching and public speech in general

The Gospel Tract, "A WARNING" written by Gerald Sutek.  How to successfully travel the highway of life

U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on the Constitution hearings  "Religious Liberty And The Bill Of Rights" July 14, 1995, written statement by  Attorney Ron Barber

Pictures of Street Ministry - Are you discouraged in getting out on the street, or perhaps feeling timid... take a look at some fellow soldiers

Attend the Street Preachers' Convention for a great source of help and encouragement in the Publick Ministry  Don't miss another one

Open-Air Preaching - Written in 1892, a full spectrum coverage of the topic (some editing still to be done, and pictures to be added at later date)

The Foolishness of Preaching - An in depth study on the topic in outline form

Letter of Testimony - from the 1999 Beale Street Blast

That's What Christians Do Now - an article from the 8/99 issue of the AFA Journal

The Benefits of Publick Ministry - a transcribed message preached by James Knox at the 1999 Street Preachers Convention in Marysville, CA 

Why You Ought To Street Preach - a message by Steve Streeter

Using a Sketchboard on the Street - Help from one who uses this method.

Open-Air Meetings - by R. A. Torrey

Street Preaching by C. H. Spurgeon From the November 1876 Sword and Trowel

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