December 1999 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong" 1 Cor. 16:13


From time to time I include a testimony of one that has gotten the victory in the area of publick ministry. Paul said, "Wherefore I beseech you, be ye followers of me" 1 Cor. 4:16. We like to put before our readers good examples to encourage toward victory in this field of ministry…such is the following. I have taken liberties to edit for space sake.

I was saved in a Southern Baptist church at nineteen years of age. By 30, I was reading several Bible versions except the KJV, thus I was yet a babe. About that time I was led to witness to a man who not only was already saved but gave me the book "Satan’s Masterpiece" by Dr. Ruckman. Now I was a KJV man and overnight my Bible understanding grew leaps and bounds. Dr. Ruckman also mentioned "Street Preaching", which I had never heard of or seen before. Years later, at 47, the Holy Spirit working through a faithful soldier introduced me to Deland Bible Baptist Church. I’d been looking for fifteen years for a church like this and they had publick ministry, too. It took two months before I joined in the Publick Ministry by holding signs and handing out tracts. Actually, I was curious to see this phenomenon called "Street Preaching". Weeks later I crossed over. I was standing there one Friday afternoon in downtown Deland, everyone had left except one brother who was still preaching. There I stood, 47 years old, saved since I was 19, the Lord had brought me a long way by now. I had suffered a great battle of sorrow four months prior. My dear firstborn son, Jonathan Daniel DeLoach, suddenly and tragically died. Thank God he went to be with the Lord Jesus Christ. I stood there on that corner, my flesh crawling, and thinking, "This could be your last chance under the sun, this side of eternity, to publickly preach for the Lord." Suddenly I was preaching! The struggle between the flesh and the Spirit was over. The comfort in the Holy Ghost that you experience from doing this cannot be explained. You must do publick ministry or you will never understand. I believe that every saved person wants to be a publick witness, because they have the Holy Spirit within. I thank God through Jesus Christ my Saviour for my brothers and sisters who led the way and held that spiritual door open that we might walk through.     Daniel Deloach.

"See…for years I have been telling you this…thanks for the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."


I led a nineteen year old man, Jeremy Creed to the Lord after preaching in Doug Coates church in Tulsa, OK Sunday morning. The next day several of us enjoyed very much preaching in downtown Tulsa, OK. A business man stopped his car in traffic and yelled to my wife to come. She gave him a tract and he gave her two ten dollar bills. She tried to refuse but he would not have it. He said he was a Christian and he felt like, "Anyone who holds a sign for the Lord Jesus deserves an offering." He said he was on his way to inform his father that his mother had just died. He said not to worry…she was in heaven. Robin assured him the money would be given to missions. We went and preached in Tulsa once more before leaving. We enjoyed preaching with several vets of PM, Wes Neill and Chris Loop and their families at a flea market in Conroe, TX. The pastor David Moore and much of his church in Cleveland, TX. joined us. A most interesting street meeting happened on the streets of Austin, TX. In front of the University of Texas. A silly, brain dead university student danced to Amazing Grace while burning a tract. He then made loud, bad noise on his amplified guitar through a broken speaker. This greatly confused our efforts so I stood over him holding a scripture sign above his head as he sat and played. The sign read, "THE FOOL HATH SAID IN HIS HEART, THERE IS NO GOD." His peers jeered and laughed at him so he called the police and claimed we were harassing. I led a 32 year old man named Jimmy to the Lord before the police came. The police questioned many people concerning us. When they asked Jimmy about us he stood up for us and told them I had just led him to the Lord. I sang and preached "How Great Thou Art" across the street on the campus and a Christian young lady bought us a box of cookies in appreciation. It’s never dull on the streets. Old Town Springs near Houston, TX. is a wonderful place to hold a street meeting. Pastor Martin Fuller and Chris Loop and their families joined us here. This shopping area is nearly all public property so when the police answered the complaint, they simply looked things over and wished us well. Pastor Fuller’s church has taken on the challenge of eliminating a bar down the street from their church. Every Sunday night the whole church preaches at the bar after their evening service. The pastor told me he can’t wait till the "Water Hole" closes so they can start warring against the next bar. Pray for them in this battle. This is something more churches should do. In McKinney, TX. a lady came up while we ministered and told us that although she too was a Christian she doesn’t come out here and "make a mockery of the Lord". For the next few minutes I gave her a Bible lesson on PM she will not soon forget. We ended the month by preaching in Tyler, TX. We attracted some interest from the newspaper there and are anxious to see if they were kind to the gospel of God. We'll let you know.



We were honored to minister in the following churches this past month. Woodland Hills Baptist, pastor Wylee Bennett, Tyler, TX., Bible Baptist, pastor Bevins Welder, Beeville, TX., Capitol City Baptist, pastor Hank Thompson, Austin, TX., Bible Baptist, McKinney, TX., Bible Baptist, pastor Martin Fuller, Conroe, TX., Tabernacle Baptist, pastor David Moore, Cleveland, TX.


The SWAT team for Christ would like to take this space to close out the year, century and millennium by praising the Lord Jesus Christ that we are all well, content, yea even happy in the service of the Lord and ...
We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
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