September 1999 Newsletter
"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." Eph. 5:11


I probably should have lived in Josiah’s time; I might have fit in better; but it irks me when Christians, especially pastors peek out of the closet as the sodomites have their way in the open.  Do we not all strongly rebuke Lot when we teach Genesis 19 for tolerating such activity.  While preaching in Harrisburg, PA a truck stopped at a light just off the curb directly in front of me.  One glance at this sodomite couple and I changed my message to the text, "Thou shalt not lie with mankind…" Deut. 18:22.  I repeated, "It is abomination" several times, and gave the gospel until the light changed. They were thoroughly shaken, and without doubt the Word found lodging.  Political correctness is for politicians like Lot, not preachers.


Inspired to be a publick minister through a SWAT team meeting in his local church, Timothy Hollingshed paid his own way to the Blitz in San Fransisco, CA this past February.  Tim's being only 17 at the time, and interested enough in Publick Ministry to travel alone across the continent to a national street preacher’s convention, his testimony prompted an offering in his behalf that not only repaid him for his ticket to SF but allowed him to fly to Memphis the following May for the Blast. He faithfully marched and ministered with us there, and still wanted more. He has been traveling with us this month and we kept our promise and preached him in Philadelphia, New York City and Washington DC, among some lesser cities. We send him home fully developed to the stage of "Strength", the third stage of maturity in Publick Ministry mentioned in the book, "I AM NOT ASHAMED".


Pastor Randy Kuhn and his church got their first dose of publick ministry in their city of Mansfield, OH.  Judging by the zealous response of the soldiers; it will not be their last.  The pastor led a teen to the Lord during our street meeting. Harrisburg, the capital city of Pennsylvania, received a capital witness from both Timothy and myself.  Eight men from pastor Farren Mathena’s church occupied Allentown, PA with the SWAT team.  We took 20 students from Northeastern Baptist School of Theology into nearby Westchester, PA and let the town know there had been a prophet among them.  The next day 40 students ministered with us in Philadelphia in front of the Liberty Bell.  This is a very unusual school in that it turns on the green light for publick ministry and pulls out all the stops for our annual seminar there.  We had to lean into the tide of souls in front of Macy’s department store at 34th St. and Broadway in Manhattan, New York. The Great White Throne banner shone high above the heads of the crowd as we lifted His banner high over us. Pastor Kevin Cogan and his men were instant with tracts, signs and sermons. A rookie cop in Wilkes Barre, PA made a valiant attempt to protect his citizens from the publick gospel but evangelist Lance Thomas advised him to check with the chief whom he called by name, and from whom he had received the OK. The rookie decided to chase robbers and leave the gospel preaching alone. Our nation’s capitol, Washington DC, aptly closed out our month with meetings in front of the Washington Monument, the White House and the Capitol.


Mary’s mother was maintaining a close vigil from the motor home as two neighborhood girls came onto the church parking lot and joined Mary in play. Instantly Mary ran to the door and asked for two tracts. She distributed these and accompanied them with a very detailed personal witness. The visitors listened and just before they left Mary admonished them to be sure and read the tracts. We often jokingly tell pastors who are a bit timid at their first attempt at publick ministry to watch Mary Bethany and follow her lead. She will be age 6 on the 19th of October.

Still no word from the immigration department concerning citizenship for Mary Bethany.


We were honored to minister in the following churches during the month of September.  Bible Believer’s Baptist, pastor Sharpetta, Columbus, OH, Fellowship Baptist, pastor Randy Kuhn, Mansfield, OH, Cornerstone Independent Baptist, pastor Matthew Hall, Enola, PA, Crossroads Baptist, pastor Jeff Mayon, Harrisburg, PA, Soul’s Haven Baptist, pastor Jim Grove, Seven Valleys, PA, Keystone, Baptist, pastor Farren Mathena, Hereford, PA, Bible Baptist, pastor Bob O’Neill, Lansdown, PA, Bible Believer’s Baptist, pastor Kevin Cogan, Bronx, NY, Vernon Baptist, pastor Glen Spencer, Dallas, PA. We also ministered in the prison in Lancaster, OH. with Vern and Rosa Nicely and their prison ministry. Several were saved that night.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10