August 1999 Newsletter
"And when he was come nigh, even now at the descent of the mount of Olives, the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works that they had seen;" Luke 19:37

The Lord has been abundant lately in giving us a good number of first time preachers to introduce into the publick ministry. This is the part of the ministry that I really enjoy and represents the future of publick ministry. It is very satisfying to watch them overcome their flesh and fears. The verse above gives an account of some publick ministers in their initial accomplishment stage and how they were victorious over these two formidable enemies. You must realize that these early disciples were rejoicing and praising God downtown in their hometown with unsaved friends and relatives present. Possibly some of the Pharisees mentioned in the context were related or knew them well. Yet these true disciples rose above this peer pressure and were unashamed of their Lord. No doubt, the vision of their Lord and Saviour was a great inspiration and then to remember His mighty works on their behalf as well as others was enough to raise them above the downward pull of the world around them and allow them to publickly soar for their Lord.

The SWAT team took Brewster Baptist church out on the streets of Berlin, OH to minister to the many tourists observing the quaint culture of the Amish folk. The pastor, Dave Widner and his church had ministered tracts here before but had never preached. A young man with Bro. Widner’s church, Dan Hershburger was just recently saved out of the hard-core Amish culture and although he was challenged to preach in Berlin this day, he could not muster the courage. Although I could never fully appreciate his fears I tried to bear his burden with him. I asked him later if he knew some of those folk driving by in their horse and buggy and he nodded and said: "Every one".  This is especially rough duty when you consider that the Amish completely disown one who converts to Biblical salvation. Dan did preach his initial publick message at the "Golden Buzz" biker bar at 10 PM a few nights later which was probably a whole lot easier for him. Pray for Dan that he might get a vision of his Saviour and remember His mighty works toward his soul. Hartsel Lang, aged 65+ and long time verteran of the Lord’s service preached his first sermon with us in Wooster.


We ministered on the streets of Medina, OH along with 18 folk from Bethany Baptist Church. The pastor, Dave Zammert and his people did quite well for first timers and did not want to quit so we all went to a 4th of July fireworks display that night and ministered to several thousand waiting for the first bang. Wellington, OH had a 4th of July parade the next day so we added to their "fun" along with quite a few young folk from the church. A 59 year old lady experienced salvation as we ministered the gospel on the streets of Canton, OH.  Two churches united for a street meeting with the team in Wapakoneta, OH to form an platoon of 19. All the men of Brewster Baptist got a genuine "buzz" when we ministered to the "needs" of the "asphalt marshmallows" going to and from the "Golden Buzz" biker saloon in Wilmot, OHWooster, OH stiffened their hearts and necks in unusual gospel resistance as we attempted to shine the light of God there. We were told there was quite a bit of Satanic worship in the close proximity. This seems to be getting quite common everywhere. Twenty five of us had a grand day in Cleveland, OH doing all the publick ministry stuff. Three were saved on the streets that day. We finally ended the month in Columbus, OH with Jimmy Hood, his associate Doug Parks and their wives. Thus is the grand life of a full time publick minister.


This fifty minute edited video of our 107 soldier march down the middle of Beale St. during the Memphis-in-May music festival (giant street party with thousands of sinners sinning with both hands) is an ABSOLUTE MUST for every publick ministry church and home library. This is a fantastic caption of this extraordinary event. Be the first on your block to possess this and be the envy of all your publick ministry neighbors. Act now and avoid the rush…just send a $10 (yes, only $10) check made out to Ron Knudson, 10607 Devonshire Cir. Penn Valley, CA. 95946 today, and we will rush your very own Blast video to you in 30 days.    Click here to see clips from the video


We were honored to minister in the following churches in July and August. Bethany Baptist, pastor Dave Zammert, Medina, OH., Bible Baptist, pastor Mark Weller, Wapakoneta, OH., Grace Missionary Baptist, pastor Lou Thompson, Canton, OH., Rivers of Joy Baptist, pastor Quinten King, Lucasville, OH., 1st Baptist, pastor Dennis Hicks, Shererville, IN., Brewster Baptist, pastor Dave Widner, Brewster, OH.


The Bear family is starting a church from scratch in the Decorah, Iowa community. Please pray for them and give them a call of encouragement.  Their phone number is 319-532-8903.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10