March 1999 Newsletter
"Every purpose is established by counsel: and with good advice MAKE WAR." Proverbs 20:18


It has long been my theology and practice to act in the offense when given the opportunity in the "world". Why should a born again, victorious, more-than-conqueror Christian back off and be intimidated by a lost, unclean, unregenerate world? My goal is not to turn them away from the Lord but to display to them strength in righteousness. Proverbs 28:4, Eph. 5:11 and Eccl. 10:4 among many other verses would tend to back this theology up.

A pastor friend of mine took me out for a meal and fellowship on Friday evening. We chose a cafeteria in hopes of finding a quiet corner in which to fellowship. When we entered the dining area with our food we were greeted by live organ music accompanying "Seniors night". Some seniors were trying to dance and occasionally one would make a feeble attempt at singing to the oldie-goldie, forties tunes.....not exactly what we were in search of. We endured to the end (of our meal) and I said to the pastor: "Don’t you think that the Lord ought to have equal time here?" He agreed; so that was my counsel to MAKE WAR. I walked up and asked the organist if he could accompany me to "How Great Thou Art" in the key of C and give me a lot of liberty. For the next ten minutes I took that entire restaurant captive for the Lord and His Righteousness after which they were without excuse. When I finished the song they applauded but I interrupted them and gave a brief testimony regarding why my God is so great. The organist quickly began to excuse me but they all got the message of salvation. WHY DO THE CHRISTIANS ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ON THE DEFENSIVE...LET’S PUT THE WORLD TO FLIGHT WITH BOLD RIGHTEOUSNESS.


Grass Valley, CA is always a great place to publickly proclaim the message our Lord. We had a real good time there preaching and ministering with Wendy Knudson (home from China) and her mother Lisa. This is home turf to these two veteran publick ministers and they are regularly found hard at work on this field. We amply supplied all the Joseph Smithites with the true message of the gospel in Ogden, UT. We happened on a festival day there and an open house at the train museum. With total liberty in the land of Moroni we sowed the fresh wheat in the midst of chaff on three separate occasions. ATTENTION ALL MISSIONS SUPPORTERS. If you are looking for a good national street preacher in Mexico to support I have found one. Ulises Velazquez sold his computer in order to buy a bus ticket to ride 36 hours from his home in Durango to Mexicali, MX. to preach with me and four other preachers on the street. He is 25 years old, single, a Bible believer, member of an independent Baptist church and an avid publick minister. I asked him how I would recognize him when I got over the border into Mexicali and he said: I’ll be standing in the middle of town with a banner and preaching the word." That is my kind of preacher. AMEN? His address is Ulises Velazquez Galindo Apdo. postal 5-19 Durango, DGO. Mexico CP34130. I reimbursed him for his ticket so he was able to buy back his computer. His email address is Why not send him a word of encouragement and some help. He is a good man. It is always a victory to stand on the front lines with veteran pastor and publick minister Ed Ware and his great army on the streets of Tempe, AZ. This is a wild place to minister and will toughen any timid soldier. We ministered there for two weeks running and one time put 25 soldiers out on the streets against the army of sinners fighting for unrighteousness. We enjoyed sweet victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.


We were certainly honored to have the opportunity to minister in the following churches this past month. Bible Baptist, pastor Terry Van Buskirk, Ogden, UT., Salt Lake Baptist College, pastor Marshall Warneke, Salt Lake City, UT., Heritage Baptist, pastor Rob Robinson, Yuma, AZ., Truth Baptist, pastor John Howe, Yuma, AZ., True Vine Baptist, pastor Ed Ware, Phoenix, AZ., Heritage Baptist, pastor James Velazquez, Pueblo, CO., Touchet Baptist, pastor Mike Paulson, Touchet, WA.


Make your plans NOW to attend the street preacher’s convention in Mid-America in Memphis, TN. It will make your year. The dates are May 6-9 and you should contact Ken Lansing or his wife Frieda at 901-386-2035 for information and reservations. You may also email Ken at BETTER HURRY.


Many of you are still praying for Mary’s paper work to be completed through the Immigration and Naturalization Service. We have long since finished the adoption and she will be ours forever but she is not a citizen of the USA and thus, does not have a U.S. passport. We would like to make trips abroad again and teach and preach publick ministry but it all depends upon the INS and Janet Reno is in charge of that department.....PRAY HARD. Mary passed out a tract last week to a Catholic priest and was so thrilled about it. Isa. 55 applies to little girls too you know.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world.
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10