February 1999 Newsletter
and 1999 West Coast Blitz Report
"For I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee:  FOR I HAVE MUCH PEOPLE IN THIS CITY" Acts. 18:10


Yes, Elijah went it alone; and Jonah, and most of the minor prophets but the Lord knew that it would get harder and harder to do a solo when it comes to publick ministry. Although I have done it many times all by my lonesome, I have to admit that it is a lot more fun to equal or outnumber the unrighteous on the streets. Various cities respond in various ways to publick ministry and some of that response may have to do with the number of true believers there, who may be making some attempt to occupy for righteousness. The worldly proverb which says, "The more, the merrier" is certainly true on a street meeting. We encourage

the whole church to go out even if some of them just stand by and observe. This way a young preacher would see that the entire world is not completely against him. Be sure and read the report on the 99 BLITZ and note the value of attending along with 200 other avid, zealous publick ministers. "And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken". Eccl. 4:12


It is always a time of reflection when we get to go out on the streets of Marysville, CA with the publick ministers from Bible Baptist church. Often they line their hometown main thoroughfare with scripture signs that simply cannot be ignored. I man one of these signs and the flesh and the devil always bug me with thoughts that I am wasting my time and the Lord's time. But I begin observing the faces and expressions of the ones reading the Lord's preserved Word and I realize that they would never, under normal circumstances read any of the Bible and Is. 55:11 ( "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it") takes over my questioning spirit. Anyone can hold a sign. Grass Valley, CA. is a great little street preaching town. There are lots of antique shops and gullible tourists milling about. Some even pay attention...for awhile. I took a Hispanic church out in a park in Baldwin Park., CA. then we went downtown. We ran into an abortion clinic being picketed by both sides. There were folks walking in front with both "Pro Choice" and "Pro Life" signs. So we set up shop across the not-so-busy street and preached Jesus unto them. Three souls were saved on that day's publick ministry exercise. Signs were also held in San Pedro, CA. It was novel to hold three scripture signs at the same time: one in English, one in Korean and one in Spanish. This I did when I preached in Koreatown in Los Angeles, CA. I was with a Korean pastor Kim and his great church there. One soul was saved that night. The next day the Koreans and I all went to Santa Ana, CA. to preach to the Hispanics as they shop and drive their cars around and around and around and around and around. Some of the Korean preachers preached in Spanish and 10 souls were saved. We, Americans are the dummies who have to use interpreters. Everyone else knows 2,3,4 and 5 different languages. It is true that the streets are getting harder and harder but there are still souls saved for the "Ruths" who are willing to glean in "HIS" fields. "My house is full but my fields are empty. Who will go and work for me today"?


We were greatly honored to be able to minister to and with the following churches this past month. Charity Baptist, pastor Shawn Mossman, Colusa, CA., Bible Believer's Baptist, pastor Hilton Smith, Rough and Ready, CA., The Way Baptist, pastor Ernest Vigil, Valinda, CA., with pastor Dave Burnall and his new church in Buena Park., CA., Pine St. Baptist, pastor Carl Shriver, Norwalk, CA., Pioneer Baptist, (a Korean church) pastor Kim Keyoung, Norwalk, CA. and Bible Baptist, pastor Brad Weniger, Marysville, CA.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world.
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10


Some two hundred publick ministers assembled at 7:45 AM on Thursday, Feb. 18th in the auditorium of the Bible Baptist Church in Marysville, CA. The pastor, Dr. Brad Weniger greeted everyone and we immediately went to prayer. From all over the building one could hear the same plea for the Holy Spirit to prevail in this meeting and in the individual hearts of those in attendance.


Gerald Sutek was the lead off preacher, preaching on the theme mentioned above. Attempting to gather everyone and challenge them to march in the same direction he rallied the troops and set the stage for those to follow...Pastor Brent Logan from Spring City Baptist church in Cleveland, VA. and Pastor Jimmy Hood from inner-city Amazing Grace Baptist in Columbus, OH. We hit the streets of Marysville/Yuba City, CA at 11:30 AM filled with zeal and more wisdom than we had at 7:45 AM. Flooding these two unsuspecting cities with a strong publick witness was the goal which we achieved. Four souls came to know the Lord as a result of our efforts. Thursday ended with a heartrending sermon from Pastor James Knox of Bible Baptist church Deland, Fl.

Friday began with more publick ministry instruction from James Knox, then a panel discussion for the men and a special ladies meeting also on publick ministry. Evangelist Billy Eubanks spurred us on to service for our Lord. Then we were bussed to Sacramento for an hour of free-lance ministering through the shopping and business districts and then we met on the steps of the Capitol for a "God and Country Rally". We made a sharp contrast for righteousness compared to other groups who may use this same platform for their message. The Lord gave us 14 souls for our labor in the capitol city. That evening was again rounded out with a great message from James Knox.

Saturday morning at 8 AM sharp we boarded very nice, clean and comfortable busses for a 2 hour ride to SAN FRANCISCO. Although it rained, we all preached faithfully for a couple of hours, had lunch, collected our two souls (our handful of purpose) and boarded the bus for the ride back. Weary and wet from our service we all gathered for another challenge from James Knox.

Sunday was a great rally day Pastor Jimmy Hood preaching SS and Gerald Sutek the 11:00 hour. At 5 PM we had testimonies and, my, oh my what victories were hailed throughout the hour. Young, teenaged preachers who learned to preach for the first time brought tears to their listeners as they testified of the strength which was given them by our good Captain. James Knox capped the whole affair off with a very convicting message on the "Messenger". As a "PS"; one of the young men who attended was able to lead a 26 year old man to the Lord on the plane home to Midland, TX. This gave us a total of 21 souls saved by our count but, of course, His thoughts are not our thoughts. Please read carefully the comments of a few of those in attendance on the reverse side. Also, please check out our web site to view the three front page newspaper articles which were only part of the press coverage of this righteous event. (click here)

"I think this year's Blitz was the best yet. I think that the preaching during the morning sessions was as good as you could get anywhere. Bro. Knox was a real blessing. It also was good to see so many young men to preach for the first time on the streets. It is always an encouragement to see people saved, but especially on the streets. All the men that came with me were encouraged, and can't wait till next year. As for myself, I also am looking forward to next year. It is just good to get together with a bunch of other people that love the street work. Thanks to you and all that had part in putting the 1999 Blitz together.

The Blitz was well worth traveling 2,500 miles for. What an encouraging comfort to see and meet like-minded soldiers who are just as much a fanatic for Jesus as you are. The fellowship was truly a joy divine, the host pastor and church were most hospitable, and the preaching opportunities in another "field" were very exciting. The General proved himself valiant once again as an able promoter and organizer of the annual National Street Preacher's Convention."

"There are meetings where men and women come to soak up the preaching of the Word. There are meetings where men and women gather to labor in spreading the Word. The Street Preacher's Convention was one of those rare and blessed events where the truth of God was proclaimed to the saints within the church house and the sinners in the streets. God's people were revived and encouraged as they fellowshipped with like-minded soldiers of the cross and many lost sinners came to know Christ as Saviour during a great weekend. Rarely does the Word which is taught find such immediate application, but the daily street meetings gave those in attendance the opportunity to see first-hand the effect of living the principles of New Testament, publick Christianity. What a joy."

"A new group of witnesses for Jesus Christ is forming and growing. They are characterized by: 1. A commitment to give their all over to Christ. 2. A profound unity in spirit and purpose. 3. An awakening zeal for spreading the gospel. Everyone who came did so because it was exactly where they wanted to be at that exact time."

"Great blitz!! The preaching was wonderful ! ! ! ! ! Bro. Knox was great! 21 souls saved!!"