August-October 2011 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ

Son 8:14 Make haste, my beloved, and be thou like to a roe or to a young hart upon the mountains of spices.


Ahhhhhhhhh…this will preach all day long. In many ways the servants of the Lord should make haste…for the time is short. But I have taken this a bit out of context and fitted unto my present situation. Here is what is happening in the life of the Sutek family and in the ministry of the SWAT TEAM for Christ.

Our "Crash Course" Summer Bible Institute for English speakers ran from June 27 through August 12. We graduated 20 who hopefully will go forward with what they have received and be good representatives of both the Lord and our instruction. On August 15th my family flew out of Romania with tears of all colors…Joy, Reflections and Expectations. We landed in Dallas where Robin and Mary continued on to Bowie, TX. and to Baptist Bible Translator’s Institute. Mary is now a student there and will graduate in May, 2012. I am writing this on her 18th birthday. Robin divides her time between visiting and helping Mary and the school and traveling with me. I am making haste to present the ministry of the Institute for Biblical Ministry in the Philippines…that’s IBMP. This is the brand new ministry which the good Lord has directed us to begin in Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines. We have devoted the months of August through December to travel and present the challenge of this new work to churches across USA. We also are visiting as many currently supporting churches as our schedule will permit within that time and within our pathway. We have created a video which represents this work and will gladly mail one to anyone who requests one. Just send a request via email or call me at 512-660-2320.

Since Aug. 16 I have been making haste in TX., MO., OK., AK., TN., FL., KS., and NY. I will continue on through KY., IN., OH., PA., NY., and AZ until the end of December and then we fly out to Philippines on January 2. We are jumping out of our skin with excitement at the prospect of beginning this new ministry. Pray our travel will be productive in supporting the ministry of IBMP. In accord with our Pastor, Adam Thompson, and our mission board WFTW Baptist Missions, we have established a separate account for the funding of IBMP. Please pray the good Lord will give us wisdom and support.


Along with traveling and preaching in the churches we also include publick ministry. We were privileged to minister once again with Pastor Scott Hanks and Heritage Baptist Church and College on the streets of Lawrence, KS. It is an honor to have been used of the Lord to help them begin their publick ministry many years ago. Praise the Lord they have been very faithful to continue this now for over 15 years.

I am always richly blessed to join my good friends and fellow servants Dom Mauro and Mark McLaughlin in Syracuse, NY. Although their ages fall on both sides of my 66, I am proud to claim them as my sons in publick ministry. We ministered on the streets of Syracuse as well as before a football game between Syracuse and Rutgers U. I love men who are faithful and these guys have been faithful for a decade and a half. May the good Lord richly bless them and those who serve with them.


All of us are in fine health both spiritually and physically. Please pray for us to obtain a good location in Iligan City, PI. Thanks for getting excited about this new ministry along with us. We sure do appreciate all those who have been faithful supporters through many years and we welcome aboard all those who have recently decided to help us.


Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
2Tim. 1:8, Ezek. 2:5, Amos 5:10