February - April 2011 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
Isa 24:15  Wherefore glorify ye the LORD…even the name of the LORD God of Israel in the isles of the sea.


Unless you get the SWAT REPORTS online (just send your email address to gsutek@streetpreaching.com) you may not be aware that the Lord has opened a “great door and effectual” for us to minister in the Philippine Islands. I want to spend my last years on this earth or hours before the rapture pouring myself into young men and train them in Bible, publick ministry, starting churches and winning the lost to Jesus Christ.   The PI has all the elements in place to afford me this opportunity.  Our plan is to finish our work here in Romania getting it ready to become autonomous.  We will leave Romania in August and present this future ministry in as many new churches as possible between September and December 2011.  We plan to be in place in PI by early 2012.  PLEASE PRAY FOR US AS WE ENDEAVOR TO BEGIN THIS NEW MINISTRY!!!


My partner Bro. Brent Logan, put together an evangelistic trip to Slovenia…(Could you point to Slovenia on a map?).  I was thrilled when he invited me and a fellow Romanian missionary friend Pete Heisey to join him.  We had a great 9 days preaching and passing tracts…6,500.  We saw some unbelievably beautiful scenery…ate some different foods and lead two people, for sure, to the Lord.  This is the 33rd country I have preached in now. Praise the Lord for opportunities to serve my great King. 


We had a family call from our city-wide tract distribution.  This family of five came and truly enjoyed the church…the kids in SS and Mom and Dad in adult services.  The second Sunday they came one of our men, Adrian lead them to the Lord.  We praise the good Lord for giving us these great opportunities to serve Him and help the lost human race.  Pray for Christie and Simona. 


Ecc 3:8  A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.
Up till now Romania has not been plagued (I choose my words carefully) with aggressive sodomite invasion.  But the last days have arrived here.  Now that this country has been accepted into the European Union there are many curses that are attached to that acceptance.  We noticed a billboard with a photo of a newborn baby with an I.D. baby bracelet.  The words on the billboard said, “IT’S NOT A CHOICE”   IT’S NOT A SICKNESS”.  On the I.D. bracelet it said, “Homosexual”.  We traced this on the web and discovered that Romania was hosting the “Mr Gay Europe” contest and that some of the competition was being held in our city.  Unfortunately, we discovered the info a bit too late for an immediate battle.  If you care to check out the info the web address is http://dantanasescu.ro/2011/04/15/promovarea-homosexualitatii-cu-bebelusi.html We enjoyed nearly seven years of sodomite-free ministry but now it is time to engage in this war once again. 


Mary Bethany will attend the Baptist Bible Translator’s School in Bowie, TX beginning Aug. 18 for one year.  We are all very excited about this opportunity.  Robin and I will travel about presenting the new ministry in the Philippines hoping to improve our support level.  Seven years of attrition and Obama’s economy have taken their toll.  Our health is good and we are all eager to start the new ministry in the PI.   We covet your prayers for this complicated move from Romania to the PI.

 Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
Amos 5:10, 2Tim. 1:8