December 2010 - January 2011 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
Romans 3:19  Now we know that what things soever the law saith,
it saith to them who are under the law: that every mouth may be stopped,
and all the world may become guilty before God.


When every mouth is stopped and all the world stands guilty before God…oh what a day that will be.  Well, the only way we can assist in bring that day about is to preach the gospel in all the world.  We are pleased to be numbered among those who are doing that. 


As the new year turned we completed the task of placing a tract in every door or mailbox in Brasov, Romania.  When you add to this population the surrounding communities of Sanpetru, Bod, Harman, Tarlengen, Budila, Noah and Sacele which we have also completed the total number would be upwards of 400,000.  In this respect we have this blood off of our hands and we praise the Lord.


A vital functioning organ of any church must be an effective missions plan.  We have introduced missions to our church here by way of a missions conference.  We brought in missionaries from three countries, we even brought in Jonathan Pasqual from Philippines.  During the conference we held a street meeting on the square in Brasov and the gospel was preached in five different languages. We taught our people on Biblical missions giving and they responded in a miraculous way.  Our church here now has a very respectable missions commitment and is maintaining that commitment faithfully.  Praise the Lord.   We now support five missionaries with a commitment of $8,000 per year.  Another major step in becoming indigenous.


Cornel Moisuk and his family have been an important part of our church now for five years.  They have two of the sweetest and cutest girls under 4 years of age that you have ever seen.  Cornel graduated from our Bible Institute and is now full time in the ministry with us.  Cornel  is a good man for anyone to have but we get the blessing and privilege of his multiple talents.  Cornel can play three musical instruments, he can draw with great ability, he can preach, teach, sing and he can organize and administrate.  We were honored to ordain Cornel as the first elder of our church.  Anyone interested in supporting a worthy national working full time for the Lord should consider this good man.


The SWAT TEAM made a five week missions trip to the Philippines.  I preached 35 times in 34 days plus 20 street meetings.   I preached in many churches, Christian school, Bible institute, villages, to 345 soldiers in military exercise, to police, on radio, youth meeting and prisons.  I led a publick ministry march of over 100 through the busy streets of Baguio city filled with Christmas Eve shoppers.  I preached on four islands, in seven cities plus villages to countless  ears the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Only the Lord can truthfully tally the results of all of this.  Thanks for your prayers on all of this. 


One of the main purposes for the trip to the Philippines was to bring Mary and her birth family back together.  What a time we had after 16 years of no physical contact.  They are all Christians so the  fellowship was rich and God honoring.  Mary met her grandmother who is a born again Christian and who testified that her parents were also born again Christians which makes Mary a fourth generation Christian.  Mary’s father plays guitar and we all sat around and sang the Lord’s songs and  our conversations were all about the blessings of the Lord upon both of our families.


We have been classified as missionaries now for 24 years.  We have NEVER taken a furlough.  We plan to take a four-month furlough from September through December of 2011.  We will be staying mainly in Texas with our home church Capital City Baptist in Austin.  If you would like to have us in your church just contact us via our US Vonage phone at 850-208-3773.  This phone charges you for a US call but rings in Romania.  Remember we are 7 hours AHEAD of Eastern Time.

 Preaching the gospel on your  streets and around the world
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ.
2Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10