March - May 2010 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
Psa 79:11 Let the sighing of the prisoner come before thee; according to the greatness of thy power preserve thou those that are appointed to die;

Thanks for your prayer on this matter of getting into the medium security prison close by. The good Lord has graciously opened the door for His Word to have reign inside this most undesirable institution. His Word has already set many free.

We presented our formal request for ministry inside this prison to the state of Romania. Not only did they say, "Yes", but they never even balked at all that we wanted to do with the prisoners nor did they object to any or all of the equipment we needed to bring with us in order to accomplish this ministry. We, being the new guys in the neighborhood, so to speak, were given the worst of the prisoners; those whom no other religious group wanted; the bad boys of the prison. That was alright though because they need the Lord too. We were also given the most inconvenient time and the smallest location in which to meet. The room is small and the rules say only 10 can come. We did not know what the response would be to us so we printed attractive flyers and attached them to John/Romans along with "Get out of hell free" card tracts. We passed 120 of these to all the prisoners in the cellblock where we meet. Since this time is their free time and attendance to our meeting would be by their choice, we only had faith enough to pray that at least one person would come. The first service we held we had 9 in attendance…PTL. We had three very clear indications of salvation. We have had five services now and the men are cheating on the rules; we had 11 two weeks ago and 12 this past week. Men have been saved in every service. This is one of the last harvest fields before the Lord Himself will shortly return.


One of our good men, Adrian, has taken to the children's home ministry. This is a direct answer to prayer. He has a heart for the children and they truly love Adrian. Please pray that he will be able to affect these small, but tender hearts for righteousness or else our prison ministry may grow in the near future. It is the Lord's design that we eventually replace ourselves with Romanian men whom we have trained; this man's heart has been turned toward these kids, and we have given him charge of this ministry. Praise the Lord for faithful and capable men.


We have had two very skilled construction crews volunteer their time, money, and labor in order that our church building might be fully functional. We have been in our building for 17 months and until now have not had comfort (restrooms) rooms, a proper crèche (nursery), or a SS classroom. Thanks to these men from Capitol City Baptist church in Austin, TX. and from Spring City Baptist church in Lebanon, VA. we should be able to provide comfort, care, and counsel for all the folk the Lord has given us. By the way, we had 50 in attendance last Sunday. Our thanks to these men and churches for their help in this necessary project.

PERSONAL Mary is, this moment, taking her final exams and will graduate from High School in the next few days.

Robin is glad!

I am busy. If you get my SWAT REPORTS or check my website in the next month or so you will find the finished product of three new books that will be available through our labors. They are very diverse from one another. Sermons for Life is a collection of sermon outlines, ideas and helps for any preacher, SS teacher, or devotion giver. A Tribute to a Common Man is a brief biography of my father, "The best man I have ever known." This is an easy-to-read-in-an-hour book that may serve well as an inexpensive gift to a friend or from a pastor to the men in his church. Then I have doubled my original Fragments of Faith and have brought it up to date with 2010 in my new book More Fragments of Faith. These will be made available through many familiar sources and maybe you will want to ask your local Christian bookstore if they would carry them.

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