January-February 2010 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
Exo 12:2  This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.


Well, Jesus is still waiting for His bride but we do have new mercies, new opportunities to serve him and more promises to claim. I remember back on the last day of 1979 I preached a watch-night service and pulled my driver license out as an illustration. I said, "I thought, when I renewed this license in 1976 that I would never have to renew it again because the Lord would surely come". Guess what…I had to fly back to USA for two weeks in Jan.-Feb. for several reasons but one of them was to renew my license for 8 years. There were no exceptions I could claim. They told me I had to physically walk into a Florida license office in order to renew. They allow you to renew one time online but no more. If I renew online in 8 years that means the next time I have to walk into a Florida office I will be 81 years old. Surely, the Lord will be here before then.


While I was in the states I made the most of the necessary trip. I preached in many supporting churches and some new ones. I took Joel Logan's and Ron Ralph's church up to Nashville and held a good street meeting and preached to many. I enjoyed a mini family reunion and got to visit with my 93 year old mother whom I have not seen in 3 years. She was saved at the age of 7 and she is still precious.


We rejoice in the new ministries opening up before us in this coming year. We have begun to minister in an orphanage and have seen a couple teen boys get saved there. This is very good practice for our student preacher graduates from our Bible Institute. We are filing the right papers to have the legal right to go into the prisons. There is a medium security prison with 600 inmates just a few miles from us. This will ALSO provide valuable experience to our preachers as well as provide one of the last remaining harvest fields available to us. Praise the Lord.


There are some mission churches nearby that are interested in learning and doing publick ministry. I am glad for so many years of experience in this field and for the opportunity to guide them aright in this area of ministry. It would seem that publick ministry on the mission field would be a naturally adopted ministry but there are many missionaries who never even thought of doing it. This is a shame especially in these last days. This should be taught in every Bible College and mission board. Dr. Bob Gray asked me to teach at Trinity Bible College many years ago because he said, "I want these young men to know how to do this properly whether they go to the mission field or serve in their home country".


Our church here in Romania has a goal this year to put a tract in every dwelling in our city of Brasov. The population here is 350,000 so we have our work ahead of us. Our people are faithful and eager to accomplish this goal…but it is an expensive goal both in printing the tracts as well as time and shoe leather. We have received several calls of inquiry from this already. We have done several smaller cities and communities surrounding Brasov but this year we are taking on the big city itself.


We thank the good Lord that all of us are healthy and eager and up to the new year facing us. Mary Bethany will graduate from high school in just a couple of months. Robin is enjoying entertaining our church brothers and sisters in her new house. I am eager to travel to more places to preach and to see the publishing of at least one and maybe two books this coming year. Please let us hear from you.

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