November-December 2009 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
Psa 65:11 Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.

Well, we just lick our finger and mark in the air…another good year for the Lord. The only thing missing was the rapture…AMEN? He allowed us to crown the year with four Bible Institute graduates. We pray they will continue in the things they have learned. One of them, Cornel, took his family to his hometown for holidays and preached publickly twice while there. He spurred his reluctant brothers to join him but they could not bring themselves to preach. He also got the opportunity to preach in his home church to over 100 folk on a special Sunday night youth night. Praise the Lord for the evident growth in our people.

He crowned the year with a preaching trip to Paris. We held a publick preaching meeting 30 yards from the Arch de Triumph on one of the most famous streets in the world. Hundreds of souls came in publick contact with the gospel and the police passed us right by. What a crowning opportunity to all our travels this year. I have preached publickly in the following major cities in 2009… Berlin, Germany… Maastricht, Holland… Kiev, Ukraine… Cisinau, Moldova… Brasov, Romania… Pisa, Rome, and Palermo, Italy and Paris, France. The SWAT TEAM does get around. We thank Him for the safety.

He crowned the year with a new ministry…an orphanage with about 16 kids. We preach every week and recently two boys about 12 years old got saved. Praise the good Lord. This not only affords us another outreach…it gives our preachers another chance to hone their skills.

He crowned our year with general good health. Although Mary Bethany and Robin were down over Christmas with flu symptoms they are now fairly strong and healthy. My natural force has not abated though I will be 65 next month. For all of this we do heartily praise the good Lord.

He crowned the year with a solid church. Our church is not a Sunday morning church. When it is time for street meetings and visitation and other ministries we have near 100% participation and for this we thank the good Lord. We have preached hard on unity in the church and the Lord has crowned that faithful preaching and yearning. Our people are not ashamed of their Saviour and do not dodge responsibility to serve Him. For this we do truly thank the good Lord.

He crowned the year with good equipment. We have been in our new building now for exactly one year. It is very nice inside. We still need SS rooms and a bathroom but it is nice to have our own building and not pay rent. The offerings exceed the utility bills and we are saving for renovation. We have a proportionately good missions offering now and are looking toward a missions conference in 2010. Our vehicles are adequate to the tasks required of them. The good Lord crowned the year with a new home for the Suteks. We were able to move into a brand new home (never been lived in) and save a goodly chunk of money on rent and utilities at the same time. For this we thank the good Lord

He crowned the year with the promise of His coming…the blessed hope…and it will come to pass this year… "Even so come Lord Jesus…AMEN!"

Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world
Gerald Sutek And The SWAT TEAM for Christ
2Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10