March-April 2008 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
Est 4:14  For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father's house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?



 The history in Heaven is truly going to be significantly different than that recorded on earth…THANK GOD.   For one thing…it will be accurate. For another…the headlines are of more importance than politics, perversion, and pimpish personalities. A wise man once said, “When small people cast long shadows you know that sunset is near.” The history in Heaven will be centered around, “such a time as this”…and the heroes are those who made the decision to act upon what the God of Heaven placed before them at that crucial time…such a time as this.  I am a firm believer that the Esthers, Daniels, Moses’, and Marys were no special breed of saints who only lived in the past…nor do I believe that people their equal cannot exist in such a time as this…These heroes of the faith knew nothing of the all-time importance of their actions at the moment…they were ordinary saints just like all saints and they were given a ministry to do…or not do. If they acted, things changed…if they did not act there was another saint waiting in the wings to act in accordance with the will of the Lord but those who chose not to act, maybe due to pride, fear, or personal ambitions, would be destroyed.  I believe there were other virgins in Palestine who met all the necessary qualifications, whose heart was approached by the Lord with the same prospect of fulfilling Isa. 7:14 but for whatever “more important” reason they hesitated at the still small voice and their place in the history of Heaven was destroyed.  Mary simply was the one who had the simple faith to simply act.   We want to be among those who act when the still small voice speaks. 


We are enjoying a new facet of publick ministry.  That is saying quite a bit when you have been in P.M. for forty years.  One of our good men in our church and Bible institute, Cornel, is quite talented in drawing.  We have put him to work drawing while I preach and another interprets.  It is utterly amazing how this increases the audience and their attention span.   It also enhances the message as the folk actually stand still for a good period of time and think about the message.  We have videoed some of these and posted them on Youtube.   For those who are computer savvy you may watch us preaching and drawing in Brasov, Romania by punching the following web-address into your computer online



We finished our second semester in Bible institute.  We have four young men raring to go.  All preach on the street and love it. All interpret in our services and love it.  All will minister the gospel any opportunity that is presented to them.  Please pray for Cornel, Danutz, Adrian, and Yanutz as they grow under our ministry to them.  They are a tremendous blessing.


We are blessed with about 7 students from Transylvania U. who are faithful to our ministry.  Three are mentioned above but four others are a joy to our hearts as well.  We have them over for a good meal about twice each week and give them a Bible study which they love.  They eat like if we did not feed them they would starve in short order.  They have a good spiritual appetite for the Word of God too.  They add a great deal to our church and ministry.  Besides those mentioned above pray for Raluca, Rodica, Deanna, and Costeen.  Their pictures are on our website at so help yourself.



We are all enjoying supernatural health from the Great Physician and are able to accomplish a lot in the ministry because of this blessing.  Mary Bethany finishes the 10th grade this week and is very talented in violin, piano, sculpture, art, cooking and baking…praise the Lord.  Robin loves the ministry to the college students and works for days at a time to prepare both food for their bodies and souls.  She teaches the girls while I teach the guys.  Of course, I love to minister and this work affords me much opportunity for that.  I keep fit by climbing the nearby mountains. Thanks for your prayers.

 Call us on our new US phone…just dial 850-390-4003 but remember we are 7 hours AHEAD of Eastern Standard Time.  For you computer geeks check out our website listed above also our Romanian church website

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