May-June 2007 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
Acts 2:47 "And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved."

Just as I would have been remiss not to report the subtractions from our ministry a few months back, I would be the same if I failed to report to you the additions, which have recently come into our ministry. In the middle of May the Zander family (all 7) came to join our ministry team. The Zanders and the Suteks go way back in the work of the Lord. We have traveled on the road together, we have been with them in Blitzes and Blasts, we ministered in their church in Manhattan, NY, I joined their daughter Amy in holy matrimony to Chris Creed in our home church in Austin, TX. and now we are serving once more together on the field of Romania. Chuck Zander will head up the work in Racos; he will do a wonderful job there, of this we are truly confident. His taking this ministry allows us to redirect our gospel energies, and that we are doing. It is truly a joy to have such long and dear friends to be so near us and to work with us. Faithful men are hard to find. Sergiu is a young man just graduated from Bible College in another part of Romania this past month. He and his wife Annie have decided it is the Lord's will to work with us. He is quite skilled in the ministry and is bilingual. And, they just had their own addition just six days ago…little Sergiu Jr. We praise the Lord for these additions. Johnny is one of our Transylvania University students. He is also a student in our Bible institute. He followed the Lord in baptism just two weeks ago. He is eager to serve the Lord and we are eager to help him train for the ministry. Speaking of our Bible institute, Peter graduated in June. He excelled in all 180 hours of our basics Bible course designed to quickly prepare a man to serve the Lord. He is a great student and one of our most faithful men. He and his wife Ana have been with us for about two years since I led Ana to the Lord in one of our evangelistic services in a large auditorium here in Brasov. The church in Brasov is becoming quite stable. Unfortunately, we must disrupt this stability and move the location. The economics of eastern Europe are completely out of whack. No one understands them. The rent on our building doubled when negotiating the new contract. The building is not worth near what they require and we will not spend the Lord's money in this manner. We will move at the end of July into much better facilities onto Bro. Logan's personal property and the rent is zero…but the location is quite far from the present location and will affect the stability. We will just have to work harder.

I have written a new book called The Ministry. This book encompasses every area of the ministry and yet focuses on preparation and delivery of sermons. I draw from 39 years of experience in "the ministry." By the time you get this letter it will be available for free download from our website "Freely ye have received, freely give." Feel free to do with this what you like. You may print it, send it via email, copy it, all freely but just don't sell it. I am praying the Lord will use this book to introduce into, and train many, for the ministry of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Our church here in Romania now has its own website. Try it…you'll like it. You can hear sermons right from the pulpit here both in Romanian and English. There are some really nice pictures of many events in our church. Comments are welcome.

Everyone of our family is prospering and is in good health. (3Jn. 2) For this we rejoice and credit the Lord only. We absolutely love serving the Lord on this mission field. With all the petty disappointments of man, and even failures within our own selves we can all say the service of the Lord is truly the abundant life. We only wish that many others would come to this knowledge. (1Cor. 15:34)

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Amos 5:10, 2Tim. 1:8
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