March-April 2007 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
2Ti 2:2 And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.

This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears. When we came just 2 years ago, we knew no one. We began our witness here with publick preaching, tracts and what one-on-one we could do through the language barrier. It seemed like such a long journey ahead in order to accomplish replacement of ourselves by these precious Romanian people. We are now just a mile or so down that road but we are enjoying a mileage marker now and then. Such a marker showed up this past Sunday. One of our good men, Cornel, taught adult SS class only in Romanian. We cannot claim Cornel as one we lead to the Lord; he was saved as a young man and raised in a Christian home. We cannot even claim to have provided his only training; for he has received Bible instruction from another source. But, we can, and do claim him as one we have been privileged to have a great part in his development and growth in the Lord. He has audited some of our Bible institute classes and has been faithful and loyal to our church. In a large way he is a very good reflection and representation of our ministry here. He is quite gifted with art and thus provided some illustration for this class and it was all very excellent.

MORE TO COME Cornel is just the first bud on the stem of our blooming ministry for there are two more in our institute who will be teaching adult SS in the following two Sundays. This coming Sunday Peter will teach. Peter will finish our basic Bible institute course of three semesters at the end of May. Peter is a man in his early forties and is quite serious about the things of the Lord. Again, we cannot claim him via salvation but I did lead his wife Anna to the Lord nearly two years ago in our big meeting in the dramatic theater in the heart of Brasov. He has been a faithful student and member of our ministry. Peter runs deep and is quiet but these descriptions reflect solidarity and strength. His teaching this coming Sunday will be a new and strange experience for him and we are praying it goes well so that he can grow further in the manifestation of his ministry.

The next week's class will be taught by Johnny. Johnny is our resident college student. He joined us this past fall and has shown growth in the Lord. He began classes with our institute this past semester in February and is a sponge to the truths of the Lord. Johnny is sharp, quick, and has good qualities which should enable him to minister. He has served as interpreter now for several months. We look forward to his ministering to the church in just two Sundays. Johnny will be working close with Bro. Zander in Racos village but, still within our ministry. Please pray for these three men who have shown themselves faithful in the work of the Lord. Pray for us as we teach them and set an example before them.

ANOTHER MILESTONE Brother Chuck Zander and his three adult sons arrive in just two weeks to join us in the ministry here. His wife and two daughters will be a great help as well. Everyone is thrilled at their eminent arrival. Chuck's focus will be the village of Racos. He begins there with a handful of folk and a building to live in and hold services in. He is eager to give himself to the work there and those folk are eager to receive them all. His son Adam will focus on our printing ministry and the others will fill in many open slots available.

VICTORY IS SWEET After two and a half years of battling the local police over our publick ministry here, we won a major victory in court which has significantly added to our liberty in this area of our ministry. Rejoice with us in this.

PERSONAL All is well in our family. Mary is finishing the 9th grade this month. Robin is busy teaching Cornel's wife Mary how to knit for her soon-coming baby. I am busy with the affairs of the ministry and in the writing of another book for the ministry. Will keep you posted on this. We enjoy good health, good weather, good equipment, good company, good ministry and the indwelling of the good Lord. Thanks for your faithful prayer and support of our ministry here in Romania.

Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world

Gerald Sutek And the SWAT TEAM for Christ
Amos 5:10, 2 Tim. 1:8