July-August 2006 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
Joshua 13:1…"there remaineth yet very much land to be possessed."


There is so much more that the King gives us than what we actually possess. Every Christian needs to be further admonished busy himself in view of the eminent coming of the Lord of the land.  Our ministry here in Romania is just getting off the foundation and we are in great need of spiritual energy to fuel the machine of the ministry as well as labourers for these fields.  Yes, more missionaries from America would be in order, but we truly need the people of this country to grow in their spirit till they receive sight and motivation to assume the ministry in their homeland.  Folks back home are always asking what they may pray for…here is the need, at least in our corner of the field.  Pray for this!


Racos is now functioning as a meeting place for many children and a few adults but there lacks much before it can function as a church.  There needs to be much time spent with the people there and the village being such a distance from us prohibits us from investing that.  We are in hopes that Bro. Chuck Zander and his family will soon come and make this investment in this potential ministry.  We have some 50-70 children in regular attendance and they bring much zeal and exuberance to the property.   The adults who attend are still approaching with trepidation.  Rightly so, we will have to prove ourselves to them as Paul did to the city of Ephesus.  Acts 20:17-19.  Prayer, Bible, Love, Example and Time will accomplish what is needed in the “first” and “only” Bible Believing Baptist church in this village of some 3,000.   Pray for this!

Budila has great potential.  We had a group of 18 Americans who came and laboured with us for two weeks in August.  Pastor Joe Cammilleri and Pastor Kirk Christensen brought some from each of their churches. Missionary Chuck Zander and his son Adam made this their field trip in preparation for their soon coming to help us here. We were able to advertise the Lord and His truth to every home in both Racos and Budila.  This great effort yielded many who were saved and displayed great interest in having their own church in that village.  We average 20 on our bus coming from Budila and are praying for wisdom on timing and facilities for these saints who deserve their own church.  Pray for this!


We have been plagued with police encounters to the great distraction of the work here.  Be assured that we are not bucking against the laws of this land where the authorities so graciously allow us to minister.  On the contrary, we have gone overboard to comply with unwritten laws which violate their own constitution.   Trust me that this is a clear reoccurrence of Amos 7:10-13 in which case our reply must be Acts. 5:29.  Despite Bro. Logan being taken to the station for questioning, thus disturbing a major street meeting with 35 ministers, the publick ministry continues without interruption.  It seems we are playing a chess game with the mayor and the police under his authority.  They promise one thing according to their constitution and deliver another contrary to the same document.  The Lord’s work is not hindered in all of this for, while he was being chauffeured away, two young, teen-aged, fellows were being carried into the Kingdom of God.  The police encounter actually served as a stimulant for their inquiry which led to their salvation. Pray for this!


It is Sept. 1 and it is 50 degrees outside, the sky is leaden and fall is fast approaching.  If the Lord of the land tarries, we plan to begin another semester of Bible Institute next week, begin to work with the saints in Budila to cause their spiritual growth, further develop the church in Racos, continue to minister both publickly and in the church here in Brasov, help to establish Bro. Zander here by December, give Satan, the world and the flesh a wide birth as we walk after the Spirit, and continue in our expectation of our soon coming Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for this!


Mary Bethany began her classes in 9th grade.  She continues to gain in skill in piano, violin, and art.  She will be 13 soon and although all teens act brain dead she is quite tolerable.  She is a blessing to our home and promises to be a blessing to the Lord and His service.  Robin is the hostess with the mostest to all who visit.  She loves the work here and the country and is a most fulfilled woman.  I am falling apart.  The older I get the faker it get.  False teeth, glasses, more vitamins and less hair, and now…hearing aids…in both ears…just got them…hope they prove to be a blessing.  Honestly, my health is very good and I thank the good Lord that I am well able to do a man’s part in the ministry of the Lord.

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