November-December 2005 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ

(Heb 6:1 KJV)  Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God,


 I may be rushing things a bit in my assessing the ministry here in Romania but I certainly hope not.   Both Bro. Logan and I feel that the church in Brasov is congealing nicely and that our ministry may be ready for a step forward.   Here is what has been accomplished in the first year.  We have consistently held publick meetings at least twice weekly in our base city of Brasov (a city of 400,000).  We have put out MANY thousands of tracts and have received quite a few in return via the mail stating the folk were saved.  We have held giant, city wide meetings in the largest halls of  four communities with attendance ranging from 100 to 500.  We have made an attempt at following up on all of this.  In addition to these communities we have preached in two locations in the village of Racos every Saturday for eight months with tremendous success.   We now have a regular congregation (mostly kids on the Romanian side of the village) which meets with us every week regardless of weather.  We had 35 kids standing in a bad snowstorm and cold wind this past Saturday just to sing with great gusto and hear a Bible story. See website for photo and details (SWAT REPORT #43)  On the Hungarian side we now meet in a borrowed house with upwards to 35 souls gathered to hear from the Lord…mostly adults.  We have a Hungarian speaking preacher in our church who ministers with us there.  We are praying for a building in Racos in which to establish a local church in this community of several thousand. Our church in Brasov is a full service church and has established services Sun. AM and PM and Wed. PM…with 75% participating in publick ministry including 10 men who preach on the street.  We have a healthy 45-50 on Sunday AM and about 35-40 on Wednesday night.  We have about 20 kids regularly in SS…a couple of teens, several normal families who are regulars and I make up the seniors club of the church.  The Lord has blessed and given our ministry here a good foundation on which we intend to build.


It has been announced that we will start training our men in all areas of the ministry in view of putting them into the ministry here.  We would like to begin this in February of 2006 and we have more than a half dozen men who have stated their interest and has made at least a verbal commitment.  Please pray that this endeavor will have the blessing of God on it as has been evidence in the rest of our ministry.


The Lord knows what I love to do best in the ministry and He is gracious to give me opportunity to continue doing this.  I love to teach publick ministry and excite and train preachers and churches about the benefits thereof.   Recently my family and I were asked to come and minister in an established Romanian church in the city of Sfantu Gheorghe (Saint George) about 30 minutes away from where we live.  We took the church on their first street meeting and then Robin taught the ladies on Saturday night.  I preached SS and AM church on publick ministry and the church and pastor got excited.  The pastor vowed to continue on in this God-blessed form of evangelism and we went back home very satisfied.  I have been asked to attend a very large missions convention open to all missionaries in Europe and they have asked me to teach two sessions on publick ministry.  This group is not the group that I normally hang with so I am thrilled at the prospect of introducing many of them to publick ministry.  My mentor into the ministry, Dr. Bob Gray will be one of the main preachers at this conference held in Germany in January.  You will have time to pray for this after this letter reaches you…thanks in advance for your prayers.


Eastern Europe has agreed with our family…that is, we have thrived as a family over here.  Don’t you cry for these missionaries…we are loving it on the field for the Lord.  Mary Bethany turned 12 in October and is sailing through 8th grade home school.  She is sounding very good on both piano and violin and is showing very great talent and ability in the field of art…especially sculpture.   Robin is very content to live here.  She has her first real home since we were married and has proven herself a wonderful homemaker and hostess.  I feel like I have struck it rich in the ministry and am basking in the blessings of my wonderful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  We appreciate all those who faithfully support us in both prayer and finance.  We would love to repay you with our hospitality here in Romania. 


For those interested I put out a SWAT REPORT with much more detailed information concerning life in Romania as well as the ministry here including many photos.  I do this about every 10 days or so and anyone can receive it via email if you simply write me and request to be put on the list.  All of these reports are also archived on the website at .  Email me at or even telephone us…from the US…dial 011-40-268-477-243 and we will answer if we are home.  Remember we are 7 hours ahead of EST. 

Serving the Lord with you but on the eastern front,
Gerald Sutek. and the SWAT TEAM for Christ