September-October 2005 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
(Acts 1:8 KJV)  But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.


Any good ministry will endeavor to keep a balance in their efforts to cover both Jerusalem as well as the uttermost part of the world.  Keeping this balance is extremely important as we walk through this life of service.  When one is walking they must look both in the distance as well as at the next step in front of them.  Neglecting either can be disastrous.  These past two months  we have worked hard at this necessary balance preaching the gospel regularly in Brasov (a city of nearly 400,000) as well as some of the many outlying villages.  We took the gospel in to Racos, Arati, Tarlungeni, Harlen and even Bucuresti (largest city in Romania with 2+million).  We evangelize these villages and cities and then attempt to gather the interested into their community halls for an indoor preaching meeting.  The harvest has been very good for each of these outreaches.  We have seen souls saved and folks interested in starting a church in their community and some who can travel to Brasov to come to our church there.  We intend to do more of this work as the Lord leads.  Bro. Logan and I have the same vision which extends beyond Romania into all 19 countries of eastern Europe if the Lord gives us time, opportunity and equipment...even so come Lord Jesus. 


For more than a year now we have been consistent on the streets of Brasov, our home base, with street meetings at least twice a week winter and summer.  It has been a rare thing for the police not to check our permit although they must have us recorded at least a hundred times.  There is great merit though, in being consistent. A good percentage of the people know that we mean business and are not just hit and run.  The first twenty five times you hold a street meeting in a new place the reaction of the majority of the people is  that you are just crazy.  But after a while they begin to seriously take notice.  When they see that you brave the weather, the police, the hecklers, the arrogance, and the apathy...some of them are impressed enough to consider your message.  I have preached in Harvard Sq. in Boston in minus 10 degrees and snow and we have preached here in very severe winter weather conditions.  With winter coming on I wonder what excuse some folks will use for not attempting to minister to the sinners who are out in the weather working, shopping and playing and living normal life.


We are glad for the good results of all the back-home blitzes this past year.  We pray they will continue and even increase in both attendance and fruit.  They have served to strengthen many in the service of the Lord and have published much gospel.


I began by emphasizing the balance in both outreach and at home.  Allow me to end by mentioning that our home fires are burning bright both in our church here in Brasov as well as in our personal home.  We are experiencing cohesion among the core of members of our church.  We have been meeting together with preaching, teaching and worship for about 10 months now and we can almost say that we are a real church.  As to our home, the Lord has really blessed us with good equipment as He always has in the future.  We are very comfortable and able to enjoy the service of the Lord in a far away land.  We are all very healthy as we approach the winter and are looking forward to the spiritual warmth that comes both to us as well as the folks around us as the winter months bring on a more serious and sober, even stoic mindset.


Many have expressed a desire to help in specific need for our ministry.  We can ALWAYS use Chick tracts in Romanian language.  Their selection includes the following… “This is your life”, “Choice”, Love Story, and “What’s wrong with this”.  The last we have commitments for several thousand of but we could sure use the others.  If a church or person is able to send as many as 10,000 which costs about $750 they can have our church info printed on the back…Chick publications has this on record but we can also email this to anyone interested. If that is too much…we will take anything we can get.  Thanks.  For more current events in our ministry we always urge anyone to email us and request to be put on the list to receive the regular SWAT REPORTS with photos which we email out about every 10 days or so.  They are much more detailed than the newsletters and include photos.  Due to some email problems which we hope we have solved, if you have received these reports in the past but no longer get them regularly, we urge you to email us again and relate this problem.  They are also archived on the website.

Phone in Romania from USA is 011-40-268-477-243 we are 7 hours AHEAD of EST
Address in Romania is:
OP1 CPO 18
500500 Brasov

Serving the Lord with you but on the eastern front,
Gerald Sutek. and the SWAT TEAM for Christ