July-August 2005 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ

(1 Tim 1:12 KJV)  And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;



I can’t imagine any better life than the ministry of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  To be the servant of the King of Kings and to be able to petition and receive every need and to have all expenses paid by the Great Treasurer is certainly part of the abundant life the Lord Jesus promised us.  To be able to give an answer to every man that asketh concerning the problems that everyone faces…to have something relevant to say to this off-course world is most satisfying to this saved earthling.  The ministry has been mighty good to all in my family and I pray we will be mighty good to the ministry. 


The gypsy work is really going well.  One of the men who come a great distance on the train to our church announced to me that he was going to preach on the street with us.  Do you think my heart was thrilled…YEA MAN.  Mihai is growing in the Lord along with his family and his brother Anghel and his family are very faithful.  We really do need a building in their village of Racos but until then we meet with them every Saturday and they come in every Sunday.  There are abundant photos of all of these families and their village on the website at www.streetpreaching.com along with all of the archived SWAT REPORTS which I sent out about every ten days to all who request them via email.  Just let me know if you want on the list gsutek@streetpreaching.com.


Our church is growing both in numbers as well as strength.  We have 50 in attendance on a good Sunday and 25-30 on a Wed. night.  We all participated in the big meeting I mentioned in the last letter.  Bro. Logan rented the large auditorium in the city which seats 800.  We advertised the meeting very extensively and we had nearly 900 total attendance for the two nights.  Scores were saved after being personally dealt with and some are in regular attendance in our church.  We will be many months in follow up on all the cards filled out.  Each person who attended received a very nice, hard back, Romanian Bible for which they were most grateful.  One man was saved when he borrowed my glasses to read the Roman’s Road message for himself.  What a blessing. 


The Lord gave us the right house for receiving visitors and now He is using it to house His servants.  We have had 33 house guests this summer.  Many came from Bro. Logan’s church to help with the big meeting mentioned above.  Several groups came from other churches from America and all were a blessing.  We have a group of 20 coming in September and many of them will stay with us.  We love having everyone and our house is designed just right for all of this. 



I made a final plea for the van fund in the last newsletter and many responded and we now have the ideal van for our ministry.  A missionary who is leaving the field of Romania needed to sell his 2001, Ford Transit, nine passenger, high top, long bed, diesel, front wheel drive, van.  He only wanted to pay it off so we were able to buy it for $10,000.  I had to travel across Romania by train to get it and there were some repairs that it needed but as of this moment…the van is in our possession and all is paid for. PRAISE THE LORD.  This will be a tremendous blessing to our ministry here.  We REALLY NEEDED IT.  Our heartfelt thanks to all who gave towards this van.  There are photos of it on the website in the SWAT REPORT #34.  Come over and visit us and we will be glad to pick you up from the airport in the new van. 


We are in constant need for Chick tracts in case anyone would like to help in that area. The best one for this field is called “What’s wrong with this” in Romanian of course.  Send any amount but if any church or person could send as many as 10,000 we could have our church info printed on the back which would be a tremendous blessing.  If you are interested in this…just email me and I will send the information. 


We are all reasonably well.  Robin has had a reoccurrence of her on going problem with Hystoplasmosis.  This lung fungus give her a big fit and when coupled with a simple cold just about puts her out of commission.  Pray that we can control this.  She cannot say three words without severely coughing and it continues through the night.  There is no CURE for it…all you can do is try to control it.   Mary is flourishing in all that she puts herself to…school (8th grade), piano, violin, and art lessons.  Her life is very full and she loves it in Romania.  I am very busy for the Lord in many areas of ministry…all of which I truly enjoy.  I really want to recommend that as many as have email please request to receive the SWAT REPORTS.  They are very full of current info and have photos of all our ministries. 


Serving the Lord with you but on the eastern front,
Gerald Sutek. and the SWAT TEAM for Christ