March-April 2005 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
(Prov 16:9 KJV) A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.
(Psa 37:23 KJV) The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

Recently I advised a very young man who was trying to rush his time of arrival at 18. He was trying to make plans for many years ahead and was getting worried about if it would all work out. I advised him to "Do what you ought to do today, and tomorrow you will be in the center of the Lord's will." Not only is that advice applicable for that young man, but I find that it applies very well to myself. I am doing what I can TODAY, and if there is a tomorrow I will do it again. As I write this I am away from my family and church about 340 kilometers north of Brasov. I am teaching publick ministry in a Bible college started years ago by an American missionary. I am teaching 7 hours a day for 9 days and preaching two Sundays, a mid-week service, a Tuesday night home Bible study, a village meeting on Friday night and a street meeting on Monday morning. Aside from being away from my work and family in Brasov I am loving it all. Something to do for my Lord and Saviour. Being used by God.

Racos Village

It will be hard for most Americans to imagine but try. We travel one hour, much of which includes roads that are nearly impassable. We arrive at a remote Hungarian village. Sixteen of us walk through the main dirt road while I play the accordion. When we stop in the wide spot, which identifies the center of this village, we stop, turn around and more than a hundred people have gathered with great interest. We sing songs both in English and Romanian (they speak both Hungarian and Romanian) and Pastor Logan preaches and gives an invitation. About 16 ladies and children bow the knee in the dirt and their tears make more mud. I, in turn, am burdened for the men who are present but non-responsive. I preach "We MEN have come to this village to tell you about a MAN who died for the sins of all of you MEN. It took great courage for these women and children to come and bow the knee and receive salvation. Are there no MEN in this village with equal courage? Is there a MAN who will join me on my knees here right now." My pleading drew one man who slammed in against my side. I quickly put my arm tightly around him and resumed preaching. "Are there any other MEN who are courageous enough to repent and trust the MAN Christ Jesus to take away your sin?" I look to my right and seven more MEN have dropped to their knees in tearful repentance. I told you it would be hard to believe. The fishing is good here.


All of these photos can be viewed on my website and/or you can receive my regular by-monthly SWAT REPORTS with photos by sending me your email address and making request to be included on the list. I REALLY recommend that you do this if you have email. Also, some of you have changed email addresses and not let me know. I have lost track of you and need you to write me and give your current email address.


Before leaving the states we prayed that if the Lord would smile upon us that he might give us a home that would have room for the many guests that we wish to come, and anticipate will come, to see the work and bring us more Starbucks coffee (just joking). The Lord has given us the use of a house that is perfect for this and is centrally located just 10 minutes walking distance to the center of Brasov. If you knew the odds against finding something like this you would know it is of the Lord. We have plenty of room for us as well as a huge bedroom on the third floor with a private bath. We have three bunk beds with trundles and a large double bed up there. Come on over we would love to have you. Our mailing address here has not changed even though our house changed. You may write us at OP1 CPO 18 500500 Brasov, Romanian. We do have a new phone that actually works now. You may call us from the states by dialing 011-40-268-477-243 but remember that we are seven (7) hours ahead of EST.


We made a preaching trip into Moldova this month. We ministered with veteran missionary, Paul Hamilton. A TRULY GREAT MISSIONARY. We saw several saved. This was my 25th country to preach in but my first communist controlled country to preach in. No problems though…just a great need for the gospel.


What, Sutek has a NEED! WOW I thought he had need of nothing? Well, that is true…I…have need of nothing but I cannot deny that the combined ministry of the Logans and the Suteks has a NEED. Some of you have told me over the years, "If you ever need something, just let me know." To those, it would be unfair and deceitful on my part if I continued to keep you uniformed. We have a genuine need for a ministry van with which to transport people. We have about thirty in our church now and Bro. Logan and I transport almost all but five of these to church, street ministries, home Bible studies, village works and such like. The story about Racos Village above included the transport of 16 in our two vehicles which legally should carry five each. Those of you who know me know that I would never make a vain request. We really do NEED a van. The WFTW mission board has set up a special "Romanian Van" account to accommodate this NEED. If you would like to give anything to this just make the check out to WFTW Baptist Mission and designate it to the "Romanian Van" fund and mail it to WFTW Baptist Mission PO Box 849 Rossville, GA 30741.

Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10