November-December 2004 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
Exodus 40:18-33

When you read this text next time notice how much work was involved AFTER everything was already made…and THEN the Lord got in it. From February of 2004, the time the Lord moved our hearts to go to eastern Europe, until now it seems incomprehensible all that has been accomplished. Our heads whirl at the assessment of it all. We are in Romania, with all of our stuff. We have a comfortable place to live. We have a car. We have our 5 year visas being processed (some missionaries have been here 13 years and still only have a six month visa). The Lord has given us two young Romanian men (Dan and Andrew) who have been saved through our ministry. We are now training these men who have a heart for the Lord and our ministry. The Logans are here with all of their stuff. They are working on their visas and other vital parts of their ministry. We have a beginners understanding of the language and our publick ministry is largely accepted as part of the scenery on the street. Praise the Lord for a year of accomplishments.

Looking back is very satisfying…looking forward is weighty. The foundation has barely been poured and the Lord's plans call for a great ministry over here. We are excited but wonder who is going to do all the work. We are eager but are pondering where all the tools are going to come from to accomplish this work. We are awestruck by the great prospect we see unfolding before us. Every time we have held a street meeting here we have had several folks seriously inquire about our church. At least eight have filled out tracts with name and address and we need to contact them. So our main thrust right now is to find a building appropriate for a local church. The other ministries will fall in place at their own pace following the establishment of a local church.

Since coming to the field of eastern Europe we have decided to use our website more fully to inform and instruct. If you have a computer you need to send us your email address along with anyone else you think might be interested. We have been sending detailed, weekly, reports in story form; some include photos. We will be glad to include you and your pastor and friends and even send you the back issues. They have been enjoyed by many and help to increase awareness of us as well as prayer. You may also view all of them on our website All of my books will soon be available for reading or downloading from this same website. My email address is We have added a cell phone which will be effective longer than our land phone because we will eventually m,,ove locally. The cell # from the states is 011-40-788-188-368. We would love to hear from you.

The winter here is spectacular. Mary rides her sled right outside our door. We can watch her from our living room. We went ice skating last Friday night and Mary took off with hardly any hesitance…remarkable considering this is the first time she has put on a pair of ice skates. Robin did well too but lacked total confidence since it has been 35 years since she was on ice. I acted in total confidence and security as I took photos from spectator's gallery. The ski lift where Europe comes to ski cheap is just a half mile away. We have not tried that yet but….who knows. Come show us how. The scenery is a constant winter wonderland, except when I try to get in my car after a bad snow or ice storm. It is different for us but we are all enjoying it. We are all well, Mary is doing great in school (except for math), Robin is fulfilled as mother, wife, and associate in the ministry, and I am having a ball serving the King until He returns.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

Phone in Romania: O11-40-788-188-368

Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10