March 2003 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"Thou shalt seek them, and shalt not find them,
even them that contended with thee:
they that war against thee shall be as nothing,
and as a thing of nought."

Isaiah 41:12


It is hard not to take the contentions of the enemies of God personal when you stand in representation for Him on the street.  Let us remember, like the verse says above… “they…shall be as nothing, and as a thing of nought.”  While holding my twin towers banner in Tempe, AZ., an enemy of God came and contended with God through me.  He got to within one inch of my nose, glared at me, breathed his alcoholic breath on me while he blasphemed, threatened, and verbally aggravated the situation for a full 20 minutes. I never flinched, but must admit boredom after five minutes.  Then, quick as a flash, he wrenched my banner from me and violently threw it on the ground, narrowly missing the crowd which had gathered to see the fight.  I wrestled the banner away from him with the help of some good men there with me, and we flew it higher than ever.  I warned him that the banner was private property and that I would prosecute if he moved against it again.  His buddies pulled him away into the crowd.  “His fight was with God,”  I reminded myself.


Here is an email I received from Chris Loop, missionary to Korea concerning the street ministry of Bible Baptist Church, Pastor Song Lee, in Seoul, Korea.

 “Every Saturday, seventeen different groups from the church go out and preach on the street in various places and cities in, and around Seoul.  Others preach on other nights as well.  Pastor and his team preach on Friday, across the street from a very popular Korean University.  I literally watched thousands of people per hour receiving tracts and hearing the preaching.  The groups consist of about ten people each and they go armed for battle with a PA system, banners and KJ Bibles.  One soldier among them reminds me of the story in 1 Sam. 30.  He is crippled in the use of his hands and so he “stays by the stuff.”  He watches all the gear while the others minister.  He was saved on a street meeting and now rarely misses.  The preaching is very powerful awakening many from their spiritual sleep.  They reported 468 people saved this month as a result of 170 faithful church members willing to go out and bear the reproach of Christ.  The weather does not deter these veterans, neither do they give heed to what others say or think.  There are 50,000 churches in Korea with less than 10% preaching the gospel.  When the people hear it on the street many are saved.  Last year the report was 17,000 souls won to Christ in this ministry.  This is not the ‘easy-believism’ found preached in many  churches today.  This is, “Repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ..”

What an encouraging report this is.  We may not be in this harvest field but if we mustered equal numbers and zeal, the Lord would give us proportionate fruit. 

ON        THE        STREETS

We preached many times on the streets of Austin, TX. both downtown and on the campus of U. of TX. The street-preaching platoon here in our home church is very strong, solid and faithful.  I plan to take three of my college class preacher-boys with me when I go to NYC next month.  I want to use them as an example to set before the new Bible College where I will be teaching and training in publick ministry.  These guys are the cream of the crop.  I spent a week with Terrell Bear in Las Vegas.  He is going there to start a rescue mission and he needed a photographer.  We scoured the bad section of town where the homeless dwell, and preached and took many photos for his display and slide presentation.  We preached all over Vegas and had a wonderful time in the process.  With my twin towers banner, (see it on the web at we were the most photographed object on Freemont St.   Bear will be a natural in this ministry.   He has instant rapport with the street bums.   He is worthy of your consideration for missions.


IN        THE        CHURCHES

We served the Lord in Scenic Hills Baptist, Pastor Gary Evans, Austin, TX., True Vine Baptist, Pastor Ed Ware, Glendale, AZ., and our home church…Capitol City Baptist, Pastor Hank Thompson, Austin TX.  We are always happy when the Lord allows us to minister in these great churches across our land.


Robin and Mary Bethany continue to struggle with some health problems, but are generally much improved.  Please continue to pray for them.  Caroline is going to stay with us and become part of our family and the SWAT team.  She is a wonderful teenager and a great asset to our home and ministry.  She will appear on our next prayer card.  She will be 18 on April 30th.  Robin led her to the Lord when she was about 8 years old when we served the Lord in N. Ireland.  Thank you for your support of our ministry both in prayer and finance.

  We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10