February 2003 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"If the spirit of the ruler rise up against thee, leave not thy place; for yielding pacifieth great offences." (Eccl 10:4)


Are you a stander or a yielder?   Does your community allow or disallow the publick proclamation of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ?  Do you even know?  Do you even care? Does your Lord care?  Oh Yes, He cares!   The Lord blessed Mordecai for standing against  a seemingly less important issue.  Pastor James Knox has been publick with the gospel in his community of 23,000 for 18 years.  His people are strong and has seen a growth of 2,000% over that same period of time.  Publick ministry may not grow a church but it sure gains God’s blessing.  He recently had his fourth battle with the city over the issue of publick ministry and won an open apology from the council for ever trying to do anything to hinder that activity.  His speech to the council is a classic and should be framed and hung on the wall of every Independent Baptist pastor.  The entire text is on our website www.streetpreaching.com for your perusal but here is an excerpt.

 “One councilman referred to us in the press by the name ‘monster.’  Ladies and gentlemen, the hundreds who make up our membership do not comprise “a monster.”  We are your doctors and lawyers.  We are your school teachers and electricians.  We are your farmers and your clerks, your mothers, grandfathers and merchants.  Our people eat in your restaurants, shop in your stores, fill your motel rooms and pay taxes to fund your activities.  We don’t live on air.  We buy food in your markets.  We don’t go around naked.  We buy clothes in your shops. Our women do not need your abuse shelters, our men do not fill your jails or clog your courts, our boys and girls do not steal from you to feed their drug habit.   You may find as annoying, but there are far greater problems in this city than our proclaiming the good news.  Deland has its share of public safety issues.  Preaching the truth about Jesus Christ is not one of them. In a meeting last Friday with the city manager and the head of the merchants association, it was lamented that we “are a magnet, drawing people from all over America to Deland.”  If an art show, sky diving meet, basketball tournament or craft fair draws people it is applauded.   If we draw them it is bad for business?   Such talk betrays a shallow prejudice.   Why is it good to bring bikers, race fans and dog show enthusiasts to our community, but bad to bring Christians?  That is a position I trust you will carefully reconsider.

In closing let me say that we will continue to proclaim, in public and in private that Christ died for our sins. We will continue to proclaim, in public and in private that Jesus rose from the dead. We will continue to proclaim, in public and in private that he is the one and only Savior of all mankind and that no one will get to heaven unless they trust Him as their personal savior. We will continue to engage in our activity regardless of whether or not you attempt to prohibit us.  We desire no conflict, but we will not allow any ordinance passed by this commission to override the command of our dear Savior or the foundation of all United States law. The News Journal reported that “street preaching is a long standing tradition in Deland.”  That tradition will continue.”

 Just think what it would be like to live in an America where this victory and liberty were played out in every community.  Why don’t you check with the Lord and see if you might be “called” to do that.

                                                    ON THE STREETS

Because of our 03-winter schedule, we have preached many times in Austin, TX. this month but my, oh my we have had some good times preaching.  I was given a great compliment by Leslie, (Austin’s “beloved” resident transvestite sodomite).   Leslie was waiting for the “Walk” sign on one side of the intersection and I on the other.  I opened up loud with Lev. 18:22 with commentary and Leslie called me a fanatic nut.  Great compliment considering the source.  The grandchildren of the 60’s hippies gathered round their rocket-shaped May pole and draped their pastel colored ribbons to protest the war.  While the males enjoyed wearing the earbobs their grandfather left them when he died of an overdose, I preached “No Peace Till Jesus Comes.”  My, didn’t we have a time.  Evidently, this generation of hippies had not been informed that their so-called peace symbol (broken cross) was actually the footprint of an American chicken as well as a satanic emblem for thousands of years.  The response was all but peaceful.  The faithful group from our home church that does publick ministry is growing in both numbers and quality.  They are some of the best with whom I have ever served with.  We also preached on the streets of Payson, AZ. 


Bro. Terrell Bear (co-founder of SWAT team and my former partner for several years) is going to Las Vegas to start a rescue mission and inner city church.  He will be a natural at this with a great many years experience on both sides.  He was saved as an inmate of a rescue mission having spent years on the streets of Las Vegas.  He knows the city and knows the street problems.  He also has spent quality time preaching on those streets as well as many others.  I believe he will do a quality job of dealing with spiritual and physical needs to people most of us have little heart for.  He is currently available for meetings to present the work in Vegas.   Please pray about supporting Bear or having this good preacher challenge your folk about a very needed ministry.  Terrell Bear 276-889-0116.

We were privileged to minister in 1st Bapt. of Payson, AZ. with Pastor Mike Hoover and, also Capitol City Bapt. in Austin, Texas with my Pastor Hank Thompson.   Thanks very much.

  We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
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