July 2002 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel." Psalms 22:3


Like the verse above says…the Lord enjoys getting involved in the publick praise of his people and "the more the merrier". In the January newsletter of this year Capitol City Baptist church in Austin, TX. established a record attendance of 91 on a street meeting. Then Heritage Baptist church in Lawrence, KS. beat that in the spring with a new record of 102. Well, Capitol City grabbed the record back this month when we put 184 soldiers on the streets of Austin, TX. You can’t imagine the strength, encouragement and effect such a participation has on both the community of sin as well as the congregation of saints. Well, the Devil will not let this pass and this might be part of the reason for the complications that Capitol City has been experiencing recently. Please pray for them, Hank Thomson their pastor, and the strong witness they supply to that area and don’t believe all that you read in the newspapers.


Despite the fact that travel and accommodations in Europe is expensive we had some great souls in attendance at this years Euro Blitz. We preached everyday of the week in front of Centraal Train Station in Amsterdam Holland displaying large banners, scripture signs, passing tracts in many languages and preaching in at least four languages. God crowned our efforts with the salvation of four men who humbled themselves and received the gift of God on their knees in the plaza in front of the busy concourse of the train station. These men were from such exotic places as Nigeria and other countries in Africa. Our great prayer is for the Lord to bless the ministries of Jake Huussen (who hosted the blitz) and Danny Alford who worked closely with Bro. Huussen. It was a joy to have some friends like Tony and Linda Powell from Capitol City Church and Tom Hall (missionary from Ukraine and an old friend of the SWAT team) along to minister together in Europe.


Barring attacks from the Devil and/or Osama Ben Ladin these next to national conventions should prove to be very excellent opportunities for attending publick ministers. It is not too late to make plans to attend both of these…what else have you got to do??? Pastor Joe Camilleri is a very experienced publick minister and an excellent Pastor of Old Paths Baptist church in Rochester, NY. You will not want to miss the preaching in Rochester, Buffalo and to the tourists at Niagara Falls. He has great administrative talents and he and his people will pull out all the stops to make the blitz in August a memorable event. Also, Pastor Steve Parker of Bible Baptist church in Marysville, CA is a veteran host for this years 6th annual West Coast Blitz. San Francisco, Sacramento and Marysville, CA. need to hear the gospel from your lips so check the web for details www.streetpreaching.com and make your reservations NOW!!!


Thank you so very much for your prayers this past six weeks. Many of you prayed with loving concern for our daughter Mary Bethany and my wife Robin as they experienced some very serious illnesses. I am very happy to report that last week our trip to the doctor yielded a very good report of great improvement. We have every hope that the Lord will continue healing them. They are nearly fully functional at present. PTL.


The SWAT team was honored to minister in the following churches this past month. Capitol City Bapt., Pastor Hank Thompson, Austin, TX. Scenic Hills Bapt., Pastor Gary Evans, Austin, TX., and Bible Bapt., Missionary

  We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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