June 2002 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"Casting all your care upon him;
for he careth for you."

I Peter 5:7


Many of you are familiar with my book “Fragments of Faith” which tells our story of God’s miraculous supply despite our meager attempt to trust Him and follow where He guides, thus the title “Fragments of Faith”. This past month we lived though another chapter of this book.   We drove out of the campground at the Memphis Beale Street Blast and within a mile I knew I had serious transmission trouble.  While driving to the mechanic I prayed for the money for repairs.  The phone rang and a brother I had only known for a week asked if I could use some money.  During the same period of time Robin and Mary developed some fairly serious health problems which were not at all inexpensive.  In all we incurred over $7,000 in unexpected expenses in a very short amount of time and the good Lord supplied every penny of it without asking anyone and without going into debt.  We would like to say a special “Thank You” to those who were praying for us and who listened to the Lord to supply our need.  We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer.

ON       THE        STREETS

During a street meeting in Akron, OH. I asked a man waiting on a bus if he would like a gospel tract that would tell him how he could know for sure when he dies that he is going to heaven.  His reply… “Are there cigarettes in heaven?” I told him… “Thank God, NO!” He then quipped… “Then I don’t want to go there.”  I left him with… “You have a bigger problem then because there are no cigarettes in Hell either.”  Indianapolis, IN. is a wonderful place for publick ministry and we took advantage of it while having to stay there for our family’s health problems.  While preaching in Tulsa, OK.  one of the city workmen cleaning up around me verbally argued that I was judging without respect to Buddists, Catholics, and Muslims.  We could not come to any middle ground…What’s new?  To illustrate how far our country has fallen let me tell the following story.  We were preaching in the bar section of Austin, TX. with our home church when a very scantily dressed transvestite came across the street raising “Cain”.  While dealing with him we noticed that an audience of bar patrons were cheering “Leslie” as “he” opposed us.  Even considering the section and the audience you would think that America would have at least one man decent enough to refuse to go with this evil crowd..but we found none.  Even the law allows such debauchery.

Fredericksburg, TX. has been against the publick ministry for quite some time.  A missionary friend of mine told me that he was stopped for passing out tracts there.  Not aware of this, we began to sing and preach as usual.   Because of the tourist element of the town I knew we were liable to have a police encounter.  Some charismatic supporters gave us a word of encouragement while at the same time the police arrived.  The charismatic lady tried to give me money but I told her she could help in another way.  I suggested the couple approach the policeman and thank him for the liberty to preach the gospel there.  They did so and when he got to me he said they had no objections to what I was doing but were only following up on an exaggerated complaint.  Help yourself preachers, Fredericksburg, TX. is now open for our business.

IN        THE       CHURCHES

We were honored to minister in the following churches this month.  Maplewood Bapt., Pastor Tim Huth, Stow, OH., Bible Bapt., Pastor Rick Olivera, Chicago, IL, The Church at Troy, Pastor James Beatty, Garrettsville, OH. where a 40 year old man was saved in the Sun. AM service.  Amazing Grace Bapt., Pastor Doug Coates, Tulsa, OK. and Capitol City Bapt., Pastor Hank Thompson, Austin, TX.


It was great to have Jerrod Schnell spend a few days ministering with us.  Susan Ware flew in from Phoenix to help take care of my sickies and Joe and Dawn Straughsbaugh from Brewster, OH. spent a full week with us enjoying our home church in Austin, TX.


Mary Bethany and Robin are much improved but not well yet.  Pray they will not deteriorate while I have to be gone much of this month to  attend the Euro-Blitz in Amsterdam, Holland.  I leave July 4th and return the 17th but if you would like to call and encourage them, call the cell phone.

  We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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E-mail: gsutek@streetpreaching.com

Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10