April 2002 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
“Therefore they (the men and women of the church) that were scattered abroad went everywhere PREACHING the word." Acts 8:4

 Heritage Baptist Holds Record at 102

We came to Bro. Scott Hank’s church in Lawrence, KS with the challenge of the former record of 91 folk from one church serving the Lord together on the streets of their city.  Capitol City Baptist in Austin, Texas, under the leadership of Pastor Hank Thompson had set that record during the New Years celebration in 2001. The good folk of Heritage Baptist took the challenge and topped the old record by 11…. Wow… who will be the next to break this record in publick ministry.  We had a grand time occupying the downtown section of Lawrence with righteousness and a clean, wholesome, Godly witness.  The students from Kansas State University were in awe of us.  The witnesses led 6 souls to the Lord and everyone was riding about 8” above their seat on the bus on the way home.  Say what you want against publick ministry… it sure strengthens the soldiers of the Lord.  One soldier from this platoon named Matt Pringle tells what PM has done for him… he says, “Street preaching has shown me just how wicked this world is when boldly confronted with their lost condition plus it gives me a chance to punch the world back in the nose.”  Since doing PM Matt has learned to “contend” (Proverbs 28:4) with the world instead of just allowing them to get their licks in upon you. 

 ON        THE        STREETS

I was honored to sing in a rescue mission in Baltimore, MD and while doing personal work there I led Al to the Lord.   He was sure glad to meet the Lord even if it was right next to his gutter of life.  We held a big street meeting in “The Plaza”, a ritzy shopping district in Kansas City, MO.  Our results were that a lot of them mocked when we mentioned the resurrection, others said, “We will hear thee again of this matter”, and one clave to the Lord in salvation.  Pastor Chuck Kaighen, who normally does his PM in larger cities nearby was led of the Lord to take his platoon out onto the streets of their small town of Harrisonville, MO.  It was a spontaneous decision after I preached on PM on Tuesday night in his church.  Some 40 or more of us assaulted one of the few bars in town and either made or ruined their whole night… depending upon their individual hearts.  Once again the soldiers were mightily strengthened and the town “know(s) there hath been a prophet among them.”  We also preached and held signs in Searcy, AR with Pastor Ken McFadden and his band of soldiers there.  In some of these towns and cities we held more than one meeting.  It is great to serve the Lord with good soldiers.  Soldiers aren’t supposed to hang around headquarters during a war.

IN       THE       CHURCHES

We were honored to serve in the following churches this past month.  Blessed Hope Baptist, Pastor Bill Hanks, Bel Air, MD, Grace Baptist, Pastor Chuck Kaighen, Harrisonville, MO, Heritage Baptist, Pastor Scott Hanks, Lawrence, KS, Bible Baptist, Pastor Ken McFadden, Searcy, AR, and Grace Bible Baptist, Pastor Jerry Hickson, Halls, TN.


A few months ago I finished a Sunday night meeting in a church in TX.  I carried all my stuff (too much for one trip) out to the van and started loading.  We all got in and I started backing up, but gently backed over a curb.   “There is no curb in the middle of this parking lot.  Robin, look and see what I just ran over.”  Robin droned, “Your accordion.”  It died a horrible death without a song in it’s heart.  Capitol City Baptist church immediately offered to replace it and I thankfully bought what was the closest to my dear accordion.  You must understand… I had had that for 9 years… it was extremely small, light and had great sound and volume… I had played it in over 20 countries around the world… it was part of my chest… I had never seen one it’s equal and I did not believe it could fully be replaced.  About 6 weeks later and totally unsolicited, I received a package from UPS and inside was a from-the-factory brand new duplicate of my old accordion.  Praise the Lord.  I have never had a new accordion of my own and I love it.  The gift was anonymous.  Many thanks to both Capitol City Baptist, and Bro. Or Sis. Anonymous for supplying my crucial need.  By the way, the first replacement accordion has been sent to the Philippines via missionary Travis Lewis who is currently on deputation.  He had been praying for one for a while.  Praise the Lord.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
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