February 2002 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"Whereupon, O king Agrippa, I was not DISOBEDIENT unto the heavenly vision:" Acts 26:19


Many times the SWAT team presents publick ministry to a church within a community, which provides many opportunities for publick ministry. The larger cities and huge metroplexes in our nation are great playing fields for the publick gospel. All to often the churches within communities with the most potential drop the ball on publick ministry (PM) and the masses go wanting. On the other hand, we may come to a church in a tiny community where you have to go to the county crossroads to get anyone’s attention and these churches love the PM and show great zeal to publish the gospel to the masses. It makes one wonder if this is imbalance within the demographics of the Lord or simply disobedience with God’s servants. Such was the case with Hampton Baptist Church in tiny Hampton, FL. These folks simply loved the work of PM and led by their fine pastor Charles Vickory traveled several miles to Starke, FL. a town four times their size and yet still very small in order to stand at a busy intersection and occupy for righteousness. The Lord blessed and the witness went out and the Christians were strengthened. I do not believe the Lord makes errors, rather I believe that Christians, Churches, and Bible Colleges are often DISOBEDIENT.


The year was 1970. The place was Hemming Park in Jacksonville, FL. The occasion was a young street preacher obeying Isaiah 58:1. The result was police encounter of the second kind. He told me that I had to have a permit. I spent the next three days researching and in doing so laid the foundation for all that I have taught and written concerning the legality of Publick Minstry for all of these years. The conclusion was that if you are only public property, in the day time and not using a PA system and not impeding either pedestrian or auto traffic…you do not need a permit.

The year is 2002. The place is Hemming Park in, Jacksonville FL. The occasion is a slightly older street preacher obeying Isaiah 58:1. The result is a police encounter of the second kind. He told me that I had to have a permit. I proceeded to go through the same researching only to discover the exact same conclusion. Why did this scene from history repeat itself??? Simply because Christians are inconsistent in their publick witness which invites the law to make attempts to encroach upon the freedoms which are not being exercised.



While preaching to the thronging tourists in St Augustine, FL a nice looking senior man approached with a smile on his face. I was singing "How Great Thou Art" and his spirit bore witness with my spirit. I finished, introduced myself, and asked for his testimony. He had a good one and beamed as he gave it. James Voyles was from Kentucky and had been saved many years. I asked if he would join us and without hesitation he grabbed a scripture sign and began singing "What can wash away my sin…". He stayed for the preaching also and then shared with us some of his excellent poetry written to honor our mutual King. He is one out of a hundred thousand that would dare to not only compliment us but join us. I seem to be having more success with getting seniors out on the streets than young people. We had an excellent street meeting at "The Landing" mall in downtown Jacksonville, FL. One of my old students Gene Pruett, from Trinity Baptist College who now is head of the Trinity Rescue Mission joined us with about ten of his new converts from the mission. Also joining us was some old timers to PM, the Neal Linebaugh family. It is good to have some seniority on the streets. We also had Adam Crawford who leads the singing in the Hampton Baptist church mentioned earlier in this newsletter. Pray for Mark, a black man who inquired about the accordion and received a full witness and promised to consider the tract.


Recently Mary Bethany has grown quite bold in her witness for her Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. We caught her cornering a waitress, a gift wrap lady, and a young girl playing in a park. While enjoying neighborhood life for a brief time at my folks house in Jacksonville, FL., Mary met a young boy of her own age (8) who lives across the street. She didn’t wait long but latched on like a bulldog and warned him of the consequences of his sin. T’wasn’t long and she had led him in the sinners prayer. We confirmed it with him and Jimmy Fugate came to church with us on that Sunday morning. Praise the Lord that at my folks address they are publick witnesses from eight plus to eighty plus.


We were honored to minister in the following churches this past month. Pines Bapt., Pastor Darren Wesley, Jacksonville, FL., Hampton Bapt., Pastor Charles Vickory, Hampton, FL., Southpoint Bapt. (SS class) Teacher Jerry Hedges, Jacksonville, FL., Trinity Bapt., (SS class) Teacher Dr. Leonard Willinger, Jacksonville, FL., Camden Bapt., Pastor Ed Dixon, St. Mary’s, GA., and Pecan Park Bapt., Pastor John Kasper, Jacksonville, Fl.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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