September 1998 Newsletter
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"And he sent them to Bethlehem, and said, Go and search diligently for the young child; and when ye have found him, bring me word again, that I may come and worship him also."
Mattew 2:8


Could this be a loud cry from the heart of the heathen spoken through the mouth of a lost king who had an alternative motive? We know that the heart of the heathen is void without the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. They may sham it over with the facade of apathy or education or self righteousness but this king may represent the hidden longing of the heathen heart for righteousness only to be found in our Saviour. "How shall they hear without a preacher"? Rom. 10:14b


One of my frequently preached street messages is, "Lawyers die in NH every month and go to hell. Secretaries die every week in the USA and go to hell. Teachers die every day in the world and go to hell". Then I tell them why they go to hell; of course because they reject the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Well, while preaching in LITTLETON, NH this lady came up to Bro. Billy Eubanks who was preaching right after I preached the above message. It would be impossible to describe how irate and out of control this woman was. If I hadn't run interference for Bro. Billy, there would have been one less street preacher in our ranks. She wanted a piece of that street preacher because he had no right to say that teachers go to hell. She was a teacher and she was not going to hell. She had not even heard the message for herself; some friend had told her second hand. I finally shamed her for acting on gossip that was totally inaccurate and the preaching continued. We were with a strong platoon preaching in BRONX, NYC and saw five souls saved. Two of these were on their knees on the sidewalk. Near PHILADELPHIA, PA we taught publick ministry at Northeast Baptist school of Theology and took 47 students out on the streets. We saw 13 souls saved in that ministry. Johnny Hudson is a 25 year old student who went with us. He has no arms and only a 16" leg with a foot with 4 toes. He zealously preached the gospel from his electric wheel chair and passed out gospel tracts from between his toes. WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE? Check out Johnny's photo playing a duet with me with his foot on my's on our web page.... excuse.htm.  We took pastor Kevin Danielson and his church out on the streets of Wilimantic, CT and led one more soul to the Lord. We also preached the gospel on the streets of Berlin, NH and York, PA.


I went into a mall the other night to buy my wife an anniversary present. I was walking very fast and passing tracts to dads babysitting while moms shop. I passed one too many when the rent-a-cop spotted my "dangerous" activity. He shouted, as I continued walking fast, that I was not allowed to do that. I acknowledged his command and waved a positive response. He took up pursuit as I entered a store. When I came out I notice him talking to a "lady" police officer but when I came by he took up hot pursuit again. I normally walk very fast anyway and this was no exception. He was quite uncomfortable with the pace but tried to act as though he was on his normal beat. His eyes were upon me the whole time. I thought I would have some fun. I started quickly turning the corners and then looking in windows till he came around the corner. Then I would smile at him as he spotted me. He would walk past trying to be casual and so I would start walking behind him. He would get nervous and step aside and fall in behind again at my uncomfortably rapid pace. This, I continued for a very fun time till this mouse tired of the game and I headed for an exit. He continued to follow and I said to him "I sure am glad I have a better job than to keep the gospel of Jesus Christ out of the mall. As I went out I waved to him and passed out two tracts to folks entering the mall. He followed me to the van. He got there just in time to read the electronic moving message sign board witness as I drove away. I thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining evening. He deserves a raise for his diligent job keeping the gospel out of the mall.


We had the honor of ministering with and to the following churches this past month. Old Paths Baptist, pastor Joe Cammilleri, Rochester, NY, Walker Bible Baptist, pastor Jim Kopaczewski, Hilton, NY, Littleton Baptist, pastor Tim Cronan, Littleton, NH, Merrimack Baptist, pastor Paul Norwalt, Merrimack, NH, Soul's Haven Baptist, pastor Jim Grove, Seven Valleys, PA, Keystone Baptist, pastor Farren Mathena, Hereford, PA, Northeast Baptist, school of theology, Dr. Fred Schindler, Downingtown, PA, a church starting in the home of pastor Bob O'Neill, Lansdown, PA, Landmark Baptist, pastor Fred Schindler, Downingtown, PA. and First Baptist, pastor Kevin Danielson, Pomphret, CT.


Please read, copy and further distribute the enclosed flyer concerning the WEST COAST BLITZ ‘99. Then post, announce and prayerfully consider being one of the ELECT to be in attendance. You may predetermine your accommodation and transportation needs by calling Ron or Lisa Knudson (530) 432-2366 or email to Please make plans to fly into Sacramento, CA. Let us know well in advance of your coming and especially if you will need accommodations or transportation. It is probably the Lord's will that you be there so yield now and avoid the rush later. The main preacher this year is my pastor James Knox but there will be others preaching and teaching. ---------------BE THERE-------------------!

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world.
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10