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"...thou has given me the heritage of theose that fear they name."
  Psalm 61.5


We were honored to have Billy Eubanks and Jimmy Hood, two of these mighty men ministered with us and to us at the Blitz this year and the third, Doug Naugle was there in heart. This is my crowd.

Billy Eubanks has been full time on the road doing publick ministry for many years now. He lives by faith and by the precepts of God's Word. "When General Sutek was finishing the book 'Rebuking in the Gate' he asked me to contribute the answer to the question 'What has publick ministry done for you'? At the time, I said 'General, I can't think of anything'. I never said I was smart. Then I got to thinking, and publick ministry has given me a life, a work, something I can do for the gospel's sake. I could never be a pastor. I don't have the heart. I could be a loyal associate pastor and not undermine the pastor. But publick ministry has given me a chance to preach the gospel in America, England, Puerto Rico and Mexico. God supplies the courage, tracts, money, motor home, van, health and people and in the end I get a reward. What has publick ministry done for me?....... EVERYTHING!"

Jimmy Hood is director and pastor of Amazing Grace Rescue Mission and church in inner city Columbus, Ohio. He has preached at many a football game at Ohio State University and for years from the steps of the state capitol building to the lunch crowd on the lawn. Recently he was told that the rules had changed and that now he had to apply for a permit fifteen days in advance. He did some homework and had a meeting with some important officials and told them that although their "rules" had changed, that the constitution had not. He said, "I’ll be there tomorrow at noon and I will have a man with me who is a bail bondsman. I need to know what the charge will be so he can be financially prepared." They could not come up with a charge. He continued, "There will also be another man with me with a video camera to tape the entire affair." Jimmy was there and preached to a good crowd of folk but the bluffers were not present. Eccl. 10:4.

Doug Naugle is a hard working family man who has had a ministry on the streets of Pensacola, FL. for about 15 years. This past Memorial Day America's sodomites conventioned themselves in ‘gay Friendly’ Pensacola. Doug tried many means to notify and challenge the pastors and Christians to take some sort of stand against this abomination which was 65,000 strong. He had several radio interviews and made personal contacts. Bottom line ... Doug had his wife, one other man and one lady to stand with him. He preached and stood against this perversion for four days. "...but such as keep the law CONTEND WITH THEM." Pr. 28:4 "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather REPROVE THEM." Eph. 5:11 "Where are the disciples the Lord sent O for a testimony against them?" Mt. 10:18 AMEN!


After much prayer, verse by verse Bible instruction and lots and lots of preaching Mary approached me at the end of my message during an open air church service in a park in Union City, TN. "Dad, I feel the Lord is dealing with my heart about being saved". Does she understand?.. unquestioningly YES! We're rejoicing. Heaven too.


We preached four times on the streets of Denver, CO. There were at least two saved. Denver is one of the top ten cities to preach in. We preached five times in Union City with Galen Hall and Joe Cammilleri and their churches. We actually had more of us than the unrighteous. Twenty of us gave a strong witness to those sinning with both hands on Beale St. in Memphis. Along with us were Brent and Joel Logan, Jay Wilburn, Galen Hall, Ken Lansing, David Laverty, Mike Gibson and others from their churches. We preached on the campus of the University of Colorado at Ft. Collins. They said they couldn't take it because they were stressed out due to finals. Though not scheduled we preached at the world's largest elk antler auction in Jackson Hole, WY. The sophisticates were not a little disturbed. Grants Pass, OR just stiffened their necks but Jacksonville, OR shook fists, hollered "shut up", and called the police. This police encounter ended with us gone and police remaining after round one. But round two opened with a meeting by phone to the city administrator (a reasonable man) in which we were invited back to minister to that fair city. This tactic was first settled way back in 1970 when I had my first police encounter in Jacksonville, FL.


We ministered in the following churches this month. Mile High Baptist, pastor Gerald Neufeld, Denver, CO., Bible Believer's Baptist, pastor Mike Napier, Denver, CO., Old Paths Baptist, pastor Galen Hall, Union City, TN., Temple Baptist, pastor Bill Sutton, Ft. Collins, CO., Mountain View Baptist, pastor Jonathan King, Jackson, WY.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world.
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10