April 1998 Newsletter
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"…Occupy till I come" Luke 19:13


Heading for downtown Gallup, NM. It is cold and overcast but we have invited some first-timer publick ministers to a street meeting here today and we are going regardless. We get the big banner set up and the accordions and the signs and the tracts and have prayer and begin singing. The first-timers arrive and so does the snow and the north wind. We brave it for the normal time, the streets are devoid of souls, only a few cars skidding by. Someone running by briefly asks me "What are you doing out here?" Frankly, I ask the same question quietly to myself. The answer ... We are occupying for righteousness. This is exactly what our Commander and Chief commanded us to do in the text above. To occupy is to possess, fill, employ, busy yourself. That is what we were doing and always do on any street meeting. The cities and towns are mostly occupied for unrighteousness ... Amen? Are you occupying the Kingdom of God within your worldly kingdom for righteousness? What will you say when the Nobleman returns?


Between Albuquerque, Grants, Gallup, Waterflo, Naschitty and Farmington, New Mexico we have ministered to some Indians. David Laverty (traveling with us from Northern Ireland) who never saw an American Indian before, got to witness to some menacing looking Apaches who jokingly threatened to kill him because he talked so funny. Dave did get to lead a 13 year old boy to the Lord during a church skating activity where Dave preached. Praise the Lord!!!


As Dave and I preached another time in Gallup two female Navajos came by and cursed us up one side of the street and down the other. I took two baby aspirin and recovered quickly attributing it to the hazards of the ministry. Five minutes later one of them came out of a bar, came up to us and apologized for her actions. We granted forgiveness and she asked for prayer. Dave and I hit our knees and prayed and then asked her to join us. She said she had bad knees so I took her to a bench and led her to a tearful salvation while Dave continued the preaching. She was really looking for a change in her life after a very bruise filled twenty nine years. She said that after she cursed us she went into a bar, her friend set a drink in front of her. She took one look at it and said "I don't need this "@#!@*&C%*&%C$#@@#". Twenty minutes later she was a saint. All you need to find is someone who is sick of their sin.

We preached again in front of "THE TEMPLE" in Salt Lake City. While one of the two first-time preachers preached on the authority of the Word of God from Heb. 4:12 a "moron" came by and told him that he must add the Book of Morman. Then we disturbed the normal tranquillity of downtown, new age, high tech Denver, Co. If this is where America is headed, give me the wilderness. They very religiously worship their very strange gods.


We served up some very hot publick ministry to some not-so-hungry preachers at a large missions conference in Salt Lake City, UT. Thanks to pastor Marshall Warneke for this opportunity to challenge these all too comfortable preachers. We also ministered in the following churches in the southwest part of the USA. Good News Baptist, pastor Stan Blake, Albuquerque, NM, Bible Baptist, pastor Archie Barnes, Grants, NM, Naschitti Baptist, pastor Jerry Begay, Naschitti, NM, Open Bible Baptist, pastor Don Chitti, Waterflo, NM, Anchor Baptist, pastor Tom Corkish, Salt Lake City, UT and Ellicott Baptist, pastor J.W. Johnson, Ellicott, Co.


I just viewed the videos from the West Coast Blitz 98 in San Francisco. YOU NEED TO ORDER A SET FOR YOR CHURCH OR PERSONAL LIBRARY! I included an order form with the last newsletter or you may simply call M&M Productions (530) 742-1717 and order. Do it today.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world.
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10