March 1998 Newsletter
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I have not concealed thy lovingkindness and thy truth from the great congregation. Psalm 40:10


Where is this "Great Congregation"? Right out the front door of your church. Or more Biblically, "outside the camp' where a publick minister can bear "His" reproach and "be a partaker of the afflictions of the gospel". Why, the streets of your city of course. Why is it so great? 1. It's the congregation of the Great Commission. Mt. 28:19,20 2. It's the congregation of the greatest need. (This is where the heathen go when they're not in church.) 3. It's the congregation of your greatest need. Publick ministry will give you the right prospective of yourself. It will also fire you up when your ministry becomes routine.  4. It's the congregation of the greatest responsibility. Ezek. 3:18 with Acts 20:26 along with Job 26:4 puts an awesome weight of duty upon the minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. ARE YOU PREACHING TO THE GREAT CONGREGATION ???


I spent a week teaching the young preacher boys in Pro-training class at Trinity Baptist College this month. This is always a great joy to me. I first got this opportunity in October of 1987. In fact, this was the first actual opportunity to minister in the road service of the SWAT team for Christ. This year I taught some 65 preacher boys how to keep the red blood coursing through their veins (spiritually and physically) throughout their ministerial lifetime. Several preached with me for the first time and we had two souls saved during our meeting in Jacksonville, FL.

My mom and dad joined us for this street meeting. They were holding a scripture sign and passing out tracts when a reporter approached and snapped a photo which appeared in the newspaper the next day with the caption "Where there is a crowd, there are missionaries". It's great to have parents who are not ashamed.


David Laverty from Northern Ireland has been traveling with the team since the Blitz in mid-Feb. David is a long time friend and one whom we trained during our ministry in Northern Ireland. He is a great asset to the team in that he can preach very well both in the pulpit and on the street. He is totally trustworthy and loves the Lord with all his heart. We don't know yet how long David will be traveling with us but it will be a sad day when he moves on. PREACH DAVE!


We spent some quality time ministering in the Phoenix, AZ. area. Several meetings in the center of downtown in Patriot Park. Several more meetings in one of our favorite places, Tempe, AZ. This is near the campus of Arizona State University which is home to the Arizona Sun Devils. The Bible sure knows what it is talking about when it says in Ps. 104:20 that the beasts come out at night. Just go and minister on the strip near the Sun Devils school and it will make you a Bible believer. Then Dave and I flew to minister at Trinity and on-the streets of Jacksonville, Fl. Then back west to Yuma, AZ. El Nino rained on us here again but the city of Yuma provided a gazebo in the center of a pedestrian area that fit the need perfectly. Finally, we introduced a new church and pastor to the wonderful world of publick ministry in Los Lunas, NM, Nearly all of these folk were first timers. This is a blessed thrill to us. Pastor Jerry Dye did a great job preaching at a busy intersection and even whinnied at a horse going by in a trailer. He did this in the middle of his street message without missing a word. The horse looked very interested. There will be horses in heaven, you know!


We are using a large 4x6 colorful banner with a picture of the Great White Throne Judgment on the streets now. WOW... it sure does attract attention. It is extended nearly 14 ft high on a telescoping swimming pool pole. All the information on how to make one yourself is to be had on video. To order see the accompanying sheet advertising the Blitz videos.


We were honored to minister in the following churches this past month. Trinity Baptist, pastor Tom Messer, Jax., FL, Pleasant Pk. Baptist, pastor Tom Drury, Jax., FL, Foster Dr. Baptist, pastor Duke Graham, Jax., Fl, Trinity Rescue Mission, Jax., FL, True Vine Baptist, pastor Ed Ware, Phoenix, AZ., Truth Baptist, pastor John Howe, Yuma, AZ, Payson First Baptist, pastor Mike Hoover, Payson, AZ and Anchor Baptist, pastor Jerry Dye, Los Lunas,--NM.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world.
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10