January 1999 Newsletter
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"But prophesy not again any more at Bethel: for it is the king's chapel, and it is the KING'S COURT." Amos 7:13


The king's court is sort of an umbrella term which the world uses on any occasion of threat or discomfort. For instance, you can't preach here in the business section because it is the king's ($$$$$$) court; or, you can't preach near or in a public school because it is the king's (the preprogrammed, state-owned yearlings) court. When the world pulls this on you just remember the response of our hero Amos in verse 14 & 15. While looking for a good place to preach in Midland, TX. we drove past a downtown public highschool changing classes. The school had to rent some classroom space in buildings about a block from the main building so the kids had to traverse over public property to get to their classes. We quickly set up shop with tracts but, in a flash the security guard shouted "king's court". We argued that the property was public and in the end the real police agreed. But then came the Supervisor and assured us that it truly was still the "king's court" due to a law which said that although they were traversing across public property that no one could distract the students in their trek to class within 500'. I must admit that we were quite a distraction, for there amassed some 50 students outside of their class listening, mocking and some other things. So we complied so as not to be unseemly; and because the police are the ones with the guns. But after they dismissed for the day we had us a time right in the 'king's court". Seventeen year old Adolph was one who was saved right there in the "king's court" and seventeen year old Nickel handed me a note very warmly stating her testimony and thanking us for ministering to her spirit. The newspaper pictured us in the "king's court" with a nice article in the next day's paper. Remember that THE KING belongs in "the king's court".


By the time you receive this newsletter the BLITZ will be upon you (Feb. 18-21) so for you that cannot actually come and be a part of the National Street Preacher's Convention in San Francisco...PLEASE PRAY FOR IT! But I encourage you to make plans early for the BEALE STREET BLAST in Memphis, TN. Enclosed is a flyer with all the pertinent information. The host, Ken Lansing is a very dear friend of mine and I am looking forward to being a part of this. Many of you have "badgered" me to have an east coast blitz...well this will do fine till we can put another together. I am happy to see these "Offensives" becoming available for publick ministers. I think they are a lot more valuable for the Laodicean Christian than all these "Retreats".


We went caroling with one of our favorite churches, the Capitol City Baptist in Austin, TX. In these last days somehow caroling is not quite what it is portrayed in the movies. But it is still a publick witness. I had a most joyous time ministering in OLD TOWN SPRING in Spring, TX. just above Houston. Some of you may remember my printing the testimony of Christopher Loop in a newsletter a couple of months back. He was the Marine, power-lifter who was scared to death to preach publickly. Chris, his boy and another man from his church and myself were in this marvelous shopping community, referred to above, where they had taken old houses and turned them into antique stores and exclusive gift shops for elite shoppers to come and spend money and hear the publick gospel at the same time. The streets through this area are all public and very little auto traffic so it was wide open to publick ministry. Corpus Christi, TX. It is hard to imagine what goes on in the mind of the sinner while waiting on a bus when all of a sudden 14 Christian adults and kids come tramping into the center of the outdoor bus terminal with trumpets, an accordion, a baritone, a banner, scripture signs, Bibles and tracts and strike up the band and begin to minister just like it was the normal thing to do. That was the scene we projected in that city with two local pastors, Bevins Welder from Beeville and Lenny Shores from Corpus. We went back a couple days later to the same spot with another pastor, Tommy O'dell and his men but hardly anyone was there. I wonder if we put the bus station out of business. Bars YES, bus stations NO. We pounded the floundering dirty book store once again in Amarillo, TX. with pastor Larry Hickam and his fine church and family. It won't be much longer and that business will be no more. They have completely modified the outside of the building to try to fend off the convicting publick preaching. Modification is very expensive. We were very happy to be able to minister in the "Old Lighthouse" on the Rolf homes property in Corpus Christi. Some 30 young men sat attentive and eager to be ministered to while I challenged them concerning their publick ministry obligation. I also preached in a jail in Beeville, TX. and saw some four MEN come to the Lord. Prisons, jails and rescue missions are always harvest fields in these last days. Two newspaper interviews with photos plus a radio interview and two full hours of live television gave us quite a lot of coverage throughout Texas this past month.


We saw three souls saved while preaching a revival in Charity Baptist church in Amarillo, TX and pastor Larry Hickam was jumping for joy. It is always a great honor to minister with pastor Hank Thompson in Capitol City Baptist in Austin, TX. The folks at Bible Baptist in Conroe, TX were ministered to in the absence of their pastor Martin Fuller. We always rejoice when we can get new churches going out on the street as we did in Waldron Rd. Baptist, Corpus Christi, TX, pastor Lenny Shores. I enjoyed being anchor preacher at pastor Tommy O'dell's missions conference at Liberty Baptist in Corpus Christi. Congratulations to the members of Bible Baptist church in Beeville for building the finest, PAID-FOR building in the USA that I am aware of. Thanks, pastor Bevins Welder for allowing us to minister to your folk. We also ministered in the Westside Baptist church, pastor Higgins, Midland, TX.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world.
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10