December 2001 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"If the spirit of the ruler rise up against thee, leave not thy place;
for yielding pacifieth great offences."
(Eccl 10:4)


A few days off between meetings gave us the opportunity to track some dinosaurs along the Paluxy riverbed in the Dinosaur Valley State Park at Glen Rose, TX. I decided to preach in this sleepy little Texas town one day so I drove down to the courthouse, took out the accordion and walked the perimeter singing and playing. I passed out a few tracts along the way and went to the center of the courthouse lawn where I preached for just ten minutes. The complaint filed stated that some folks could not hear their RADIO over the preaching. When the officer arrived he could have played the "John Wayne" part in this movie. He told me the complaint and suggested "Texas Style" that I… "kinda … skeedaddle out of town…..NOW". After checking the law with the county attorney I knew I was foiled for the day… "no unreasonable noise". Analyzing it later I decided to write a letter to the town and have it printed in the paper. I described in detail what I had done and the ridiculous response of the city. I also asked in the letter if this might have been what Jesus had in mind when he instructed his disciples in such cases to shake the dust off of their feet. I prayed for at lease one response and I received a nice email in support of my actions.


While gathering for a street meeting with an experienced PM church (Capitol City Baptist) in Austin, TX. I was pleasantly surprised to see a 71 year old friend. He said the Lord had been on him for 15 years to go on the street and when he got up that morning he said, "I am going". Scotty Sutton not only participated in his first street meeting that day but also preached for the first time. I preached in church that night and used him to illustrate victory in one’s life. Another 71 year old man sitting next to Bro. Sutton who had just been saved for a few weeks decided he wanted some of that victory and came out with us the next night and passed out several handfuls of tracts from his wheel chair. I told my pastor that there are many colleges that won’t have me come and challenge with publick ministry and when I do get in many of the students will not participate so I am going to make a ministry out of getting seniors to go street preaching…..AMEN!!!

This is a sad commentary on our upcoming, late-laodicean generation when the seniors will get started at their late age but the college kids and teens will not be provoked to righteousness.


Along with the good folk of True Vine Baptist Church Pastor Ed Ware and the SWAT team were part of the "Glitter on Glendale" in a holiday activity in Glendale, AZ. A lot of folk would like to have turned us off. We helped Pastor Larry Hickam with his long battle against an adult video and book store down the road from his church in Amarillo, TX. The church will win this battle…it’s just a matter of time. We crashed the party scene in Dallas, TX. at their bar section along side the Bible Baptist Church in McKinney, TX. We preached with them also in their city of McKinney. We had five fellows preach for the first time with us in several locations in Austin, TX. Finally, we stood with the brave men of the past as we preached in front of the Alamo in San Antonio, TX. This is a great place to preach because of the close proximity of the tourists, the liberty from the park police, and the lack of traffic noise. Try it…you’ll like it.


We had several souls saved as we were privileged to minister in the following churches this past month. Truth Baptist, Pastor John Howe, Yuma, AZ., Liberty Baptist, Pastor Ray Meier, Amarillo, TX., Charity Baptist Tabernacle, Pastor Larry Hickam, Amarillo, TX., Bible Baptist, Pastor Brian Spurgeon, McKinney, TX., and Capitol City Baptist, Pastor Hank Thompson, Austin, TX. We owe a special apology to our friends at Columbia Bible Baptist church in Columbia Falls, MT. and their good pastor Ed Henson for not listing them here last month. Please forgive…….

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10