October/November 2001 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"Declare his glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people."
Psalm 96:3


The unsuspecting citizens of Missoula, Montana were enjoying a local high school home-coming parade. The spirit was light and gay. The weather was perfect for a street meeting. John Haveman’s church was out in strong (25) force for their weekly, publick publication of the gospel. As we arrived right at the end of the parade a sudden inspiration struck me and I hastily gathered the few that were near me with banners and tracts and we slipped subtly at the end of the parade and continued as if we were part of them. I played the accordion and we sang as loudly as we could while displaying the banners to those gathered for several blocks. I was about to preach when a motorcycle policeman drove up beside me and asked if we were part of the parade. I told him "Why, yes, we are just bringing up the rear." He dropped back for a few moments and then approached again to ask if we had a permit. I hesitantly told him , "No, but we are not doing any harm." He told me that it didn’t work that way and instructed us all to get out of the parade. There was no harm done and several hundred folk received an unexpected witness. The troops that joined me were ecstatic about this sudden opportunity and we went on to have our regular street meeting.


Many pastors in their quest for fruit which can be enjoyed by sight often neglect the fruit of faith which comes simply by obeying Acts 20:20. Jesus did not command anyone to build a church but rather to be a witness (Acts 1:8). Read the testimony of a pastor who simply obeys Acts 26:19).

We at Keystone Independent Baptist Church went on the downtown mall area of Allentown, PA. as we have done many times before. We did not do anything more in preparation for this than we usually do however, we experienced several unusual blessing this time out. First, we enjoyed a wonderful outpouring of God in boldness and confidence to preach. One of our men also led a soul to Christ who followed the Lord in baptism Sunday. We then had a man whom we let to Christ several years ago stop by to encourage us to keep it up. He said several member of his church had gotten saved through our street preaching. Finally the day ended with a fellow street preacher from another church telling us that we had inspired him to start publick ministry in his church and asked us to pray for his pastor to get the burden for it. What a day! Our church was greatly edified to stay faithfully doing the work of God. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to serve him! As always, the Sunday services following this were glorious. We seemed to sing louder, pray for fervently, and preach with greater power and liberty after being on the street. Pastor Farren Mathena


We preached on the campus of Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. where we annually enjoy a warm welcome. We also warned the city of Cour de Alene, ID. concerning their eternal destiny. Columbia Falls, MT. and Yakima, WA. are without excuse and Phoenix, AZ. has been blessed by the Lord once again by having the gospel preached in their streets. Then I flew to Philadelphia to teach at Northeast Baptist School of Theology. I took the students out to minister in front of the Liberty Bell on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, PA. The Lord blessed us with 5 souls while ministering there. Finally, I preached with pastor Joel Logan and his church in front of a large theater showing "Harry Potter" in Huntsville, AL. They all loved the righteous diversion from the movie. Ha Ha.


Mary Bethany celebrated her 8th birthday in October. She thanks all who joined her in making it a most joyous occasion. She was Christmas shopping in Cracker Barrel restaurant and as the lady wrapped her presents Mary gave her a complete witness. We rejoice in 3rd Jn. Verse 4.


We were honored to minister in the following churches these past two months. Faithline Baptist, Pastor Elvon Nelson, Milton Freewater, Or., Heritage Baptist, Pastor Tim Haveman, Post Falls, ID., Open door Baptist, Pastor John Haveman, Missoula, MT., Lighthouse Baptist, Pastor Dave Bosley, Prosser, WA., True Vine Baptist, Pastor Ed Ware, Glendale, AZ., Keystone Baptist, Pastor Farren Mathena, Herefore, PA., Antioch Baptist, Pastor Dale Anscheutz, Reading, PA., Northeast Baptist School of Theology and Landmark Baptist, Pastor Schindler, Downingtown, PA., Sweet Springs Baptist, Pastor Joel Logan, Ardmour, AL., and Bible Believer’s Baptist, Pastor Andy Grant, Madison, AL.

We Wish You All A Happy Holiday Season

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
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