June 2001 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ


Fountain Square…Cinncinnatti, Ohio.   What a place to be saved… "Fountain" Square. Forty seven year old Marshall came very close to asking the question found in Acts 16:30.  He was just a modern version. What a joy it was to take plenty of time, answer all his questions with open Bible and present him with the challenge of salvation. He did not hesitate to get on his knees in the middle of Fountain Square with scores of people passing by and milling around and Marshall was saved as he repented of his sin and called upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Robin also led an adult lady to the Lord in the same place. We also had a 22 year old man saved at the altar of Brewster Baptist In Brewster, Ohio as I preached there this month. Yes, we are in the gleanings, but oh the joy to find one here and there that have a sincere desire to be saved.


Our street ministry this month was contained to the state of Ohio. Pastor Dave Widner and his men are very faithful in Akron and have fought the fight with the local authorities so whenever we preach here there is zero opposition and plenty of liberty. I wish every pastor would fight this battle in their own cities and towns all across USA. It would make publick ministry more effective and you wouldn’t have to waste valuable preaching time dealing with the same old problems with the authorities. Cleveland is a great place to minister and once again there is zero police encounters. We had 15 folk out on a beautiful day with banners, signs, tracts and plenty of preaching. Even with 15 full time soldiers there were many more than we could handle. Would you come and help us in July. WE PLAN TO GO TO CLEVELAND AND COLUMBUS DURING THE GREAT LAKES BLITZ (see info) JULY 26-29. WILL YOU BE THERE? THERE IS STILL TIME TO REGISTER…CALL PASTOR DAVE WIDNER AT 330-767-3576 OR EMAIL HIM AT kjvbaptistdw@juno.com . On the streets of Columbus with our good friend Jimmy Hood was a delight as usual this month. They ought to build a statue of Jimmy and put it up downtown. The heathen there do not realize what a salty preservative their citiy has in Bro. Hood. Instead of calling the police they should call on the name of the Lord and thank him for sending Jimmy Hood one more time. Preaching to the Amish and tourists in Berlin is a novelty. Brother Widner has been so faithful here that the merchants printed a flyer against them and they distribute them over the counter and post them on telephone poles. You can read one of these on my web site. (click here to see flyer)  The flyer refers to the preachers as noisy gongs.

Oberlin is a tiny town with a sizable college. Charles Finney once administrated this college and preached revivals in this town but you would never know it now. The police came by and stopped and talked twice while we ministered there but they did not stop us. The residents HATE the publick gospel. Finally, I ministered in the midst of thousands of festive celebrants in Lorain by holding a banner on the knoll of a hill in the center of activity and passing tracts. There was no preaching allowed but a picture is worth a thousand words. My, oh my what a response by the multitudes as they viewed the Saviour upon the cross mingled with the Word. Only eternity will reveal the fruit from such activity.


It was with great honor that we had the opportunity to minister in the following churches this past month.. Brewster Baptist, pastor Dave Widner, Brewster, OH., Mt. Hope Baptist, pastor John Niehaus, Harrison, OH., Beacon Baptist, pastor Aaron Webb, Lorain, OH., Amazing Grace Baptist, pastor Jimmy Hood, Columbus, OH. and Bethany Baptist, pastor David Zammert, Medina, OH.


Take note that we will be away in Europe from July 3-24 attending the First European Blitz in Amsterdam, Holland. Our host pastor for this event is Jake Huussen, veteran missionary there. The dates for this event are July 9-13. After this we will be travelling through western Europe and preaching in as many towns and villages as time will allow. Please pray with us for fruit that will remain.

Make your final plans to attend the first Great Lakes Blitz in Ohio July 26-29 in Brewster. Contact pastor Dave Widner at kjvbaptistdw@juno.com or call him at 330-767-3576. Don’t miss these great opportunities to minister and be ministered to. Jimmy Hood, Scott Strobel, Lance Thomas, Earl Ankrom, Chuck Zander and more will be giving seminars on PM plus we will preach together in Columbus, Cleveland and Akron. Our Captain is coming. May he find us busy for his kingdom.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
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2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10