May 2001 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"…yet shall know there hath been a prophet among them." Ezek. 2:5


"The Blast was a blast", as pastor Doug Coates put it. We blasted sin and had 25 souls convinced they should put their sin away under the blood of Jesus. The preaching and seminars were the best yet and the time on the street was most profitable for both sinner and soldier of the cross. "…But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:". They simply could not ignore our presence. They tried to silence us with blaring rock music but our voices were strong. They tried to look the other way but our signs and banners were compelling. They tried to mock but God is not mocked. They tried to drink away their conviction but cried in their beer. In the end twenty five were counted among those who repented and turned from their idols unto the living God. Praise the Lord. If you missed this one, you missed a good one. Ken and Frieda Lansing and those who laboured with them are to be highly commended for the success of this national street preacher’s convention in Memphis, TN.

Make plans now to come to the Great Lakes Blitz in OH. The enclosed flyer will give you all the needed information. You may also check the web for information on the Euro Blitz in Amsterdam, Holland in July as well as the West Coast Blitz in CA. in September. Pray for good attendance at these, a good spirit and souls. Click here for more info


We were on the streets of Memphis, TN quite a few times during the Blast. Beale street is unique in that you have the best of both opportunities for witness. You can preach to His heart’s content but you can also do as much one-on-one as He would have you to do. If you are tired and voiceless like I was on Sunday afternoon you can prop yourself up on a banner and hold on for "dear life". We took Grace Ind. Baptist Church, pastor Ed Billock out onto their streets in Indiana, PA. This city needs publick ministry just as much as Memphis. All involved boasted of enjoyment in the Lord’s service. If you can just get them out there, they always like it. Cazenovia, NY was rattled a bit by five of us who ministered there. The teens got rattled the most and came 75 yards over to us to tell us in no uncertain terms that they were not listening to us and were not interested. I asked them why they did not just stay where they were and not pay attention. I cannot record their response here in mixed company. The police came and kindly "requested" that we move from in front of the stores over to a grassy area. I agreed but made it clear to the policeman that we really did not have to. He agreed. I held a banner in downtown Auburn, NY but there was nobody to preach to. In Pensacola, FL we held banners at a busy intersection with some of the guys from PBI. I also went down and preached as the sodomites held their national convention at the civic center of Pensacola. I don’t seek these perverted events out but when they come my way I do not avoid them. Due to the great labour of Bob Love from Smyrna Baptist in Pensacola there were 75 soldiers out in opposition to this twisted event. There were scripture signs and banners aplenty and much music and preaching. The police told Bro. Love that if he could get enough citizens to consistently make a visible protest against such evil that the sodomites just might choose another city. Hey…it’s worth a try. Keep up the good work Bro. Love. I wish we had his stand in every city in the USA. Amen???


We were honored to minister in the following churches in May. Grace Baptist, pastor Jerry Hickson, Halls, TN (thanks for letting me preach in the jail with you too). Grace Independent Baptist, pastor Ed Billock, Shelocta, PA, Bible Baptist, pastor Mike Varner, Cazenovia, NY and Freedom Baptist, pastor Dave Dunbar, Auburn, NY.

***********SPECIAL PRAYER REQUEST ***********

The SWAT team must leave for the Euro Blitz on July 3 and be gone till July 23. Robin has been PLAGUED by a nagging cough for a looooooong time. Please pray that we can find the answer or that the Lord would intervene before we leave. Otherwise, she may not be able to go. In that case Mary would not go and our tickets are paid for. We would lose that money and the opportunity to serve together in Europe. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and finance.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10