April 2001 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS in high places." Ephesians 6:12


While showing a rather confrontational clip from one of our National Street Preacher’s marches to a group this month, one lady gave this supportive testimony. She told how that she used to think this sort of witness was the wrong way to serve the Lord; that it turned more away than attracted and was probably a waste of time. Then, a few years ago she and several college girlfriends were ministering at the Mardi Gras. They met in a plaza and prayed and worshipped for an hour then did a lot of one on one witnessing. She said that she noticed that under the extreme circumstances of this party that very few would even stop and receive a witness and that sin continued to increase each year. She then summed up what she had seen on the clip by stating that what we were doing was "Spiritual Warfare" within the realm of evil forces. I had never thought of it quite like that but I did write in the book "Rebuking in the Gate" that such a witness hinders and keeps down sin. Why don’t you start hindering sin by warring a good warfare in your community? Allow me to quote C.T. Studd from two centuries ago. "The Chocolate Soldier." "Every true soldier is a hero! A soldier without heroism is a Chocolate Soldier! Who has not been stirred to scorn and mirth at the very thought of a Chocolate Soldiers? In peace true soldiers are captive lions, fretting in their cages. War gives them their liberty and sends them, like boys bounding out of school, to obtain their heart’s desire or perish in the attempt. Battle is the soldier’s vital breath! Peace turns him into a stooping asthmatic. War makes him a whole man again, and gives him the heart, strength, and vigour of a hero." Come fight with us, Memphis, Ohio, Amsterdam, California at the National Street Preacher’s Conventions of 2001. Check web for details.


The public schools won’t let God in (he probably wouldn’t pass the metal detector…too much gold) but in Madison, WI. they paid the gas to bus them to the Capitol building to receive a gospel tract and hear some of the last days prophets preach. No less than 20 bus loads of kids touring the Capitol and surrounding museums were exposed to radical, politically incorrect, fundamental Bible preaching the two days we ministered there. Most of the teacher’s attempted to give their lives to protect their students from the gospel but they all got it anyway. PTL. In Monroe, WI. citizens looked on warily as we ministered there on a Sunday afternoon. One man in Wisconsin Rapids said that "John the Baptist would not have done it that way." He picked the wrong character for his illustration. We tried to shock some conviction into brain dead college students on the campus of U of W at Steven’s Point, WI. by standing in the pouring rain preaching and holding scripture signs while occupying for righteousness. Much opposition faced us from another college crowd for two nights in Appleton, WI. Cold winds also reflected the temperature of hearts on the campus of U of W. at Milwaukee, WI. The temperature and hearts were also cold on three occasions in downtown Milwaukee, WI. One student at Marquette U in Milwaukee told me we were wasting our time at that Catholic University because they were required to take theology in their course of study. During a police encounter in Richland Center, WI. a man butted in to tell us off in no uncertain terms. He said, "LET ME TELL YOU HOW IT IS GOING TO BE. YOU WILL NOT BLOCK THE SIDEWALKS OR SHOP DOORS. I AM THE PRESIDENT OF THIS TOWN AND I AM THE PRIEST HERE AND I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE UP TO!" Then he stormed off and we continued successfully for the next hour. It’s never dull on the streets.


We were honored to minister in the following churches this month. Christ the King Community Church, Pastor Ralph Ovadal, Monroe, WI., Douglas Bible Church, Pastor Dominick Thoman, Endeavor, WI., New Song Fellowship, Pastor Mark Gabriel, Kaukauna, WI., Faith Freewill Bapt., Pastor Terry Hardison, New Berlin, WI., Grace Community Church, Milwaukee, WI., Mercy Seat Community Church, Pastor Matt Trewella, Wauwautosa, WI., Unlicensed Church Conference, host Pastor Matt Trewella, Wauwautosa, WI., Richland Center Fellowship, Pastor Mike Breinienger, Richland Center, WI., Chippewa Valley General Assembly, Pastor Bill Kermott, Eau Claire, WI., and YWAM (Youth with a mission) in Weyerhouser, WI.


Stay tuned to the web for all the up-and-coming events in publick ministry. This has proven to be a great tool for the SWAT team. It has given us contact with many publick ministers around the world.   Click here for more info

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
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