March 2001 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed." Psalm 119:46


I stated in last month’s newsletter that Tulsa, OK was in the top 10 list of all-time best places to preach. Well, it was so good that we hung out there for awhile and preached several more times. One of these times, Pastor Doug Coates and I held a meeting downtown on a beautiful day and there happened to be the press there interviewing some city dignitaries. Among them was the chief of the fire department and the mayor of Tulsa. Pastor Coates recognized them but I did not. I preached first and could be heard (a bit) on the evening news. When Pastor Coates preached he mentioned, "you may rise to the top of your profession or to the peak of your political career, but without Jesus you will spend eternity in Hell." He went on to give the escape recipe, of course. Just think about it folks, that Pastor could have pastored and independent Baptist church in Tulsa for 65 years and probably would never have been given the chance to preach the gospel to such "creatures". Only publick ministry affords we Bible believers this chance.



When we reluctantly left Tulsa, OK. we introduced a new church, Heritage Baptist, to publick ministry in Lawrence, KS. This pastor, Scott Hanks helped us set a new record here by putting 82 mostly first timers out on their hometown streets. Five men preached, we had two saved and we had a successful police encounter. Things don’t get much better than this. A quick trip to Buena Vista, CO. put us on the streets of that fair tourist town with Pastor Lance Thomas. He and his wife are veteran publick ministers but are trying to establish PM in their church. We also ministered on the streets of Pueblo, CO. while there. To cap off a superb month, we took 16 folk from Grace Baptist, another church new to PM, on the streets of Kansas City, MO. This was in a swanky shopping district and it seemed we just did not have enough class for the shoppers there. We set up shop and ministered with song and preaching and the police told us that there had been a complaint so we had to go. But by moving two feet forward we were on public property and we stayed and policeman left. All of the first timers were very excited about publick ministry including the pastors. One pastor was going on a missions trip to Haiti and testified that this was just what he needed because he did not want to go there as an "air conditioned, American preacher". I feel confident that they will continue to minister on their streets after SWAT team leaves. This is really what our ministry is all about…leaving a legacy of publick ministry behind and moving on to establish others. For this we Praise the Lord.


We were honored to serve in the following churches in the month of March. Amazing Grace Baptist, Pastor Doug Coates, Tulsa, OK., Bible Believer’s Baptist, Pastor Jerry Musgrove, Mena, AR., Buena Vista Baptist, Pastor Lance Thomas, Buena Vista, CO., Heritage Baptist, Pastor Scott Hanks, Lawrence, KS. and Grace Baptist, Pastor Chuck Kaighen, Harrisonville, MO.


After this loooong, coooooold winter during which most of you were inside huddled around the alter of fellowship for warmth, let this serve as both a reminder and a goad to pull out that banner, dust it off, find those extra scripture signs, stamp those faded tracts and make the appropriate announcements to get your publick ministry in gear for spring time and summer. In case you haven’t noticed….Jesus has not come back yet and there is no discharge in this war.


These national publick ministry conventions have been specially blessed of the Lord to instruct, promote and encourage publick ministry. If you have never been able to attend you should be able to make one this year. They run four days from Thursday thru Sunday and there will be three available in various parts of our country and one in Amsterdam, Holland. Check the web site for information. The first is in Memphis, TN. May 3-6. Then in Amsterdam July 8-15 and next in Brewster, OH. July 26-29 and the West Coast Blitz in Marysville, CA. Sept. 13-16. We will march down Beale St. in rank in Memphis. We will march down K Street mall in Sacramento, CA and end in a rally on the steps of the Capitol. We will rally on the steps of the Ohio State Capitol building and preach all over Holland in the Euro-Blitz. Make your vacation plans accordingly. Contact us for more info.   Click here for more info

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10