October 2000 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith…" Acts 14: 22


Since the INS and the passport office issued Mary Bethany her wings, we can now travel as a family and this we did in October. We left the Blitz in CA. on Tuesday Sept. 19 and drove to Chicago where we flew out on Sunday PM Sept. 24 for Belfast, Northern Ireland. As the verse above states we traveled 2000 miles in Great Britain "confirming the souls", preaching open air and enjoying some interesting Christian historical sights. Among the later we stood on Hanham Mound in Bristol, England. This sight is only famous because it was here that George Whitefield and John Wesley both preached in the open air for the first time. Today one will only find a crude pulpit and a plaque commemorating the occasion. No one in the surrounding housing estate cares about this historic place. We also visited the George Muller museum. All that this giant of faith did is reduced to one normal sized room full of photos and relics. I do not want to seem like a worshipper of ancestors but we would do well to head Job. 12:12,13

"With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding. With him is wisdom and strength, he hath counsel and understanding." We actually had an opportunity to gain some of the ancient’s wisdom. We went to hear Ian Paisley preach. He is truly a man holding the line on righteousness in Europe. He is a great preacher, street preacher and statesman for Northern Ireland and Europe. Mary Bethany got him to sign her Bible and hugged him. He hugged her back.


I preached on P-R-I-D-E to a proud crowd on the streets of Antrim in Northern Ireland. They proudly walked on in their pride. The citizens of Carmarthen, Wales once stoned to death a preacher for doing much the same as what I did there this month. I praise the Lord that I heard no "rock music" there. A fine group from Bible Baptist church joined us along with their pastor Mark Weller on their hometown streets of Wapakoneta, OH. Paul Vanderkley and pastor Tim Lambert and I ministered to the brain-dead college students at Central Michigan State U. in Mt Pleasant, MI.


At the end of our 200 soldier march in Sacramento we had a "God and Country Rally" on the steps of the state capitol. Directly in front of us, during this rally was a fifth grade public school class sitting on the lawn eating their lunch after

having toured the capitol on a field trip. They were only 30 yards away from the speakers and stayed the entire time. A week after the Blitz the host pastor, Brad Weniger received a letter from the teacher of that group. This teacher gave clear testimony that he was a born again Christian and "…had asked my church to pray for an opportunity to witness." As the students observed our banners, one of them asked the "What does ‘it is finished’ mean?" The teacher had the opening to give the whole gospel. The teacher made further comment. "I couldn’t believe it as the kids listened to your testimonies and were reading your tracts. As we went back to Merced they were reading them on the bus. The next day at school I asked what gave you the right to do this. This then led to a 30 minute discussion. A problem boy asked is it true that if you don’t have Christ you’ll go down. Of course I told them what I believed." So you just never know what is going on out there while you are trying to be a faithful witness.   Click here to read to whole letter


We were honored to minister in these churches in October. Bible Bapt., Pastor Rick Olivera, Chicago, IL., Secord Bapt., Pastor Tim Lambert, Gladwin, MI., Bible Bapt., Pastor Mark Weller, Wapakoneta, OH., Gateway Bapt., Pastor Ron Sparks, Eaton, OH. A man was saved as I preached in a jail with Pastor Tim Lambert.


One of the gifts that Mary Bethany received for her 7th birthday this month was a "Holy Bible" charm for her bracelet. She earned this by finishing the first reading of her Bible before her birthday. Although Robin and I were still spinning from the West Coast Blitz we truly did enjoy our time spent in Ireland visiting very many of the dear souls that we ministered with and ministered to during our years spent pastoring in that land.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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