March 2000 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"They feared the LORD, and served their own gods, after the manner of the nations…Unto this day they do after for former manners…" 2 Kings 17:33-34


I have long thought that we (meaning all-the-right-adjectives Christians) either need to find a new land to move to or write some new adjectives with which to set us apart again. A wise man once said, "The world is so churchy and the church is so worldly it is hard to tell them apart." This month in Amarillo, Texas the SWAT team unidentified itself with the common, run-of-the-mill "Baptist". We preached to a massive crowd waiting to get into a Southern Baptist church on a Thursday night for a "Christian Rock Concert". We were "received", or should I say "rejected" in a more ill manner than when we simply preach to folks who admit to being hell-bound sinners. Pastor Larry Hickam and some of his folk were with us and they received two calls from their tracts that were fairly positive but this response was totally unpredictable on the night of the event. There were entire church youth groups with their leaders, openly mocking us. I’m sure, if asked, this church would espouse the same adjectives as we use. SHAME


We stayed busy while in Amarillo, preaching at the "adult" bookstore, downtown, and at three public schools passing out Chick tracts. This seems to be good soil for the gospel in tract form. Rare is the student who will turn their nose up at a Chick tract. If I were a pastor, I would order a new tract each month and make a circuit of the high schools. I’ll bet the students would anxiously await the next distribution. It makes me wonder how much difference this ounce-of-prevention might have affected Columbine High in Littleton, Colorado last year. "it (My word) shall not return unto me void…"


In Colorado Springs, CO we took some kids from pastor Bob Woody’s Christian school to minister in a public park across from Palmer High School during lunch break. The students fill the park, some to eat lunch and most to occupy for unrighteousness. If this common, average, hometown high school is a typical depiction of America’s youth, folks…America’s future is in serious trouble. We observed zero respect, zero wisdom, zero responsibility, zero fear of God, zero self respect, abundance of pride, perversion and vanity. The only thing that will make any difference is the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Pueblo, CO we held signs and preached at the busiest intersection in town and had two police encounters due to people lying about us to the authorities. Denver, CO has a downtown pedestrian mall where the team loves to minister. The buildings carry your voice into the next block. On this day though, our words nearly froze as they flew from cold lips. An early spring storm minimized our street meeting here.


The Lord really moved in an unusual way as I preached extremely hard against sin in the Faith City rescue mission in Amarillo, TX.   Preaching at nearly top volume I knelt in the middle of the aisle between two sections of street folk and challenged them to join me…repenting of their sin and calling upon the Lord for His salvation. Four men, a single woman and a couple knelt and were dealt with concerning their soul. They must have been sincere for I had preached past the time for them to go to lunch. The couple came to church on the following Sunday and were baptized and at last report are still in regular attendance. Praise the Lord.


The SWAT team was honored to minister in the following churches this month. True Vine Baptist, pastor Ed Ware, Phoenix, AZ, Charity Baptist, pastor Larry Hickam, Amarillo, TX, Heritage Baptist, pastor Jim Velasquez, Pueblo, CO, Beulah Valley Baptist, pastor Ted Schulen, Beulah, CO, Bible Baptist, pastor Bob Woody, Colorado Springs, CO and One Bible Baptist, pastor Robert Manzaneres, Lakewood, CO.


Don’t pass on the opportunity to experience one of life’s most memorable experiences. We plan to march upwards to 200 + soldiers for the Lord down the middle of the giant street party on Beale Street, singing, preaching and distributing tracts. You will do the Lord’s battle against multiplied thousands of sinners sinning with both hands. Ask anyone who attended last year and you will catch the zeal. View a small part of it on the web site (click here information, here for pictures) but you must experience it to believe it.  In over thirty years in the publick ministry I cannot remember an experience to top this… call Ken Lansing 901-386-2035 and make your reservations.  NOW YOU KNOW, YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!


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