February 2000 Newsletter
SWAT Team for Christ
"...But God that giveth the increase" 1 Corinthians 3:7


Reports like this one used to be common for the ministry of the SWAT team but as the end times and apostasy increase the fruit is mostly in the gleanings. The Lord abundantly blessed us with much fruit in our ministry this past month by giving us 12 souls. Five of these were right on the sidewalk. The photo that is enclosed (click here to see pictures) is a man who knelt and wept his way to the Lord just 30 feet from the gates of the Mormon temple gates in Salt Lake City, UT. We preached three days right in front of these gates without a single objection from any authority. This man, named Marcus, later confessed to some very serious crimes, which were put under the blood of our Lord. A multitude of sins were hid (James 5:20) as Mike Storm led him to the Lord. Mike also led a mother and adult daughter to the Lord the same day. Friday night in Tempe, AZ is always wild. Restaurant and lounge row is just off the Arizona State University campus. I was preaching to a blasphemous group in an outdoor café and enduring much verbal and visual persecution. When we finished and began to move on a young man approached and said that he was interested in what we had to offer. He got on his knees in front of the same crowd and trusted the Lord to save his soul. The Mirage casino on the strip in Las Vegas, NV afforded us a multi-million dollar illustration of hell. Every fifteen minutes a magnificent volcano explodes to the great delight of hundreds of tourists watching from public property. As the fire shot from the top of the mountain and flowed down into the lake (of fire) I warned these unsuspecting tourists of the judgment to come if they neglect so great salvation. We introduced the Valley Bible church to publick ministry when we gave them on-the-street instruction in the center of Patriot Square in busy downtown Phoenix, AZ. With the big banner of the Great White Throne judgment and plenty of scripture signs and tracts they quickly got into the swing of the publick ministry and fell in love with it. We love to set churches on fire with publick ministry. Finally, we had a grand time ministering several places in Nogales Mexico and capped off the month with a Mexican Indian getting washed from his sins right on the street in front of a flea market. George, our interpreter did a marvelous job with our preaching and leading that national to the Lord.


Mike and Barbara Storm attended the Blitz in CA in Feb. of 99 and the fire of publick ministry caught their hearts. The Storms paint houses in Connecticut for most of the year and save their money so they can hop in their fifth wheel and work for the Lord the rest of the year. We are very happy they decided to travel with us in early 2000. They love the street work and are quite skilled. Two are better than one….Eccl. 4:12.


The team was greatly honored to minister in the following churches this past month. Antioch Baptist, pastor John DeRusha, Las Vegas, NV, Desert Hills Baptist, pastor David Gray, Congress, AZ, Valley Bible Church, pastor Ken Tice, Phoenix, AZ and True
Vine Baptist, pastor Ed Ware, Phoenix, AZ. I preached a Wed.-Sun. revival for Pastor Marshall Warneke and his Bible Baptist Church in Salt Lake City, UT and the Lord blessed us with 7 souls saved. Many of these were former Mormons.


Many folks have been encouraged and excited in their walk of faith as they have heard us tell the God-exalting stories of how the SWAT team came into being, how they serve the Lord, how the Lord of provision has taken care of them on the road for 12+ years and how they miraculously got Mary Bethany out of the Philippines and into their hearts. This book tells these stories and more. It is about 75 pages of to-God-be-the-glory experiences of living on the road and serving the Lord by faith.

To obtain a copy send a check   or cash in the amount of $8.00 to:

Kay Robutka
P.O. Box 49
Frederica, DE  19946

(please make checks out to Gerald Sutek)

Your copy will be promptly mailed back to you. All money, after shipping fees goes to support missions.


We plan to have a blast at the BLAST. Will you be there? We would love to have 200+ marching down the middle of the giant street party on Beale Sreet in Memphis TN. Make your plans to accommodate one of the most exciting events on the Publick Ministry calendar. Truly, in America…YOU DO WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO DO……DON’T YOU??? (click here for more information)

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world,
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10